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  1. It’s National boyfriend day today. I wanna dedicate “hell and back” by bakar from Gabby to Emiliano I love you.

  2. Hi I wanna make a special request out my husband Brandon France in porterville ca I love u baby ur my king and can’t wait for u to come home we are bonnie and clyde love ur wife nicole Vickers aka kitty from porterville

  3. Hi my name is jillian and I have a boyfriend in DOC custody his name is Alan Campbell I was wondering if you could tell him I love him and miss him so much . Let me know if you get the message so I really hope he gets this message true love forever

  4. I would like to dedicate I’d like to dedicate favorite song by toosi feat dj Khaled to Bendope in Anchorage Alaska please and thank you

  5. Hi there R. Dub
    I would love to win these tickets for my Birthday
    Thank you Sahara .

  6. Ive been watching and loving Usher since I was young. Cant wait to see usher!

  7. Here’s my entry

  8. I would love to win these tickets so I can take my best friend for her birthday in August, she just had a baby and is due for a nice night out. She’s a great person and a even better friend!

  9. Heard about the contest tonight (7/09/23)! This is my entry to see Usher in Vegas with a friend.

  10. This is marina from Goshen cal I wanna make an oral expression to my husband angel baby we got this they keep throwing stuff at us to keep us apart but we get closer n stronger. Til death do us part

  11. This is my entry?

  12. I Just Wanna Shout Out John Anthony In TDJC McConnell Unit.. I Just Wanna Say I’m Thinking About You And And Waiting To Hear From You!

  13. Carla Contreras

    I would love to send an oral expression to the love of my life my husband Daniel Contreras …babe I know our love is so strong we saw that all this years away from each other and I know we will keep it like this and more cause this is real babe for us and our kids ..I love u forever and always ur wife Carla Contreras

    • Sure! Just click the tab that says “Oral Expressions” to make it happen!

      • James Hackwowrth

        I graduated from Pueblo high School in Tucson Arizona I know all the he is my homeboy

      • Hi my name is Brandi Raphael from Wichita Kansas I would like to give an oral expression to my wife Lori Raphael. Baby you are my Reason , my forever thank you for never giving up and fighting along side with me. You make me a better women daily. I love you beautiful

  14. We’d like to make a dedication to our amazing Sammy. We lost a family member saturday morning. Sammy Zekiel Quezada was part of the army and was the brightest most happiest person ever. His favorite songs were American Pie by Don Mclean and On the Brightside by Never shout Never. If you could please play one in honor of him our family would deeply appreciate it

  15. A dream come true to see Usher, praying for. Chance to won. May the Good Lord continue to shower you with blessings

  16. I would love to win tickets to see Usher. I’ve never been to Vagas or been on a plane. I love to have experience.

  17. To Vonni @ Pekin… I love you baby. Just want you to know I’m riding forever. I can’t wait to see you. And can you play matrimony by wale please

    • Please call us at 877-209-0631 or click the link that says “Oral Expressions” on this website. Thanks so much for listening!

      • Mrs Zipporah SIMS

        R dub my name is Mrs Zipporah Sims. I wanna call in live and tell you my story about my husband and I. He listens to you every night and I wanna surprise him one night .he’s in Pollock,la USP Please help me I’m all the way on the eat coast in Brooklyn,NY

    • Racheal Garcia

      Hi my son Simon Sanchez in Ontario Oregon. Stay safe and know Momma and Mr Joe love you very much and miss you dearly.

    • I want to send an oral expression out to John Anthony In TDJC I just want him and the whole world to know that I dooo love youu.. I’m here and I’m ready for whatever comes our way..

  18. Hey there !! It’s Fidella (Fifi) From northern California. I want to do a shout out to my boyfriend . Can we please here one of the good ones by Gabby Barrett

  19. Richard cardoza

    Happy birthday Savanah Denise Pacetti from grand parents Richard and Christine cardoza from Lubbock Texas. We love you .

  20. Richard cardoza

    Dedicate to our grand daughter Savanah Denise Pacetti Happy Birthday From Murrieta ca. your grandparents from Lubbock Texas love you. Dedicate angel baby..
    Richard and Christine Cardoza..

  21. Hey this is Ashley monson just a shout out to Cody kinch I love you so much I miss you alot

  22. To my husband Vonni @ pekin. I love you bae and I’ll forever be proud to be your wife. I can’t wait to see you! Love you always ya wife fa life!!!

  23. To my husband Vonni, you know I love you and I’ll love you forever. I’m honestly proud to be your wife. Good night bae. Love always your wife 4 life lol Deeee

  24. Lil Cory here! Actor and rapper. I had a guest appearance on Star Trek Picard and new music with Gucci Mane. I am a new citizen of Slowjamastan!

  25. Is there a way to get a list of songs that played last night for
    I heard a song I haven’t heard in years and trying to find it with a few words I remember

  26. Racheal Garcia

    Sending my love to my son Simon Sanchez in Ontario Oregon. I miss you so much son. Have sweet dreams my love.

    Love Your Momma Racheal

  27. How do I enter??!! Is this an entry?

  28. Pick me!!!
    Entering for a chance to win Usher tickets!!

  29. I just want to say THANK YOU so much for everything you do and the consistency you’ve kept all these years.
    As an unlucky preteen in 2000 this really spoke to my soul, I blasted this at full volume in the middle of the night. After a dragging week in middle school this felt really special to help prepare me for the week ahead and a perfect way to end my weekend of solitude. It kept me grounded and happy, like the spark that told me everything would be okay.
    Recently my family and I took a road trip to my hometown for New Years. We drove back pretty late, and luckily they all fell asleep so I was able to enjoy the peaceful empty freeway. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I heard your voice and immediately had flashbacks. I haven’t felt that soul- tingling good feelings since I was in middle school, late at night looking up at the sky, feeling completely content and fulfilled.
    I can’t Thank You enough. You brought back the innocent sweet girl I forgot about all those years ago, AND IT FEELS EXUBERANT. I will never forget this special moment “hearing Slow Jamz again January 2nd 2023”.

    • Wow wow and wow. Your comment MADE MY WEEK. Thank you soooo much! I just hope you’ll come by every Sunday like you used to! I’ve missed you!

  30. This is my entry! I love slow jams and love usher!

  31. I sure will R Dub because you are the man

  32. You help my man Chris and I stay connected when we are away from each other, and it means more to us than you could ever know, thank you for all you do; you are very appreciated!

  33. Hi,new to this site.I wanted to let My husband Albert Estrella that I love you babe and miss you so much can’t wait to see you My love..from your wife Alma Estrella can you please Play Always -Nydia DaeCheri ty from San Antonio Tx

  34. Hey, Thus is Maxine From Michigan Im so happy that R-dub is Back on air in LA. I am a super fan of The show (Sunday Night Slow Jams!”)

  35. Great music played from a great DJ. You played this classic song I’ve been looking for. The song has the following words: “cause I’ve been watching you girl. Please let me know who sings it and what’s the name of this song. Thank you so much and keep doing what you’ve been doin

  36. Hi R Dub! My bestie is a huge fan of your show and I was hoping you could drop him some snail mail since his postcard went MIA from you. He really likes you and has followed your career for years from Austin. Appreciate anything you can do!

  37. it would really make me happy if you played all i do is think you for my love bryan lujano in sacramento

  38. Im well over due for a mommy day out. All I do is work & be a mom. My friends say I never hang out anymore so this trip will do me justice & plus I LOVE USHER!!!

  39. Hi R Dub! What is the number to call in live on Sunday’s? I’ve left a few oral expressions but would love the chance to call in live to leave some love for my honey in real time. Thanks in advance!

  40. I have missed the show for so long,,, is there a way I can listen to the show either live or online

  41. I found this looking for some throwback content at the airport. Man oh man… This took me back, and I loved seeing this aspect of this era through your lens. I teared up a time or two. Almost feels like I’m saying bye to some old friends. Take care you guys.

  42. Anthony Ramirez

    R Dub! Thank you for the dedication and everything that you do for all the families all over the world! This is an amazing show and I really appreciate what you do for those of us who cannot be at home with our families. Is there any way I can get a copy of the show on Thurs 03/30/2023? I am listening to your show right now on 103.9 The Groove in Louisville, KY! Bless you and all your listeners!

  43. Anthony Ramirez

    Hey R Dub! Thank you for the dedication and everything that you do for all the families all over the world! This is an amazing show and I really appreciate what you do for those of us who cannot be at home with our families. Is there any way I can get a copy of the show on Thurs 03/30/2023? I am listening to your show right now on 103.9 The Groove in Louisville, KY! Bless you and all your listeners!

  44. R,Dub zip I’ve been listening to(R,Dub SundaynightSlowJames) , since 1998. There’s just shimmy about your smooth soothing voice, along with the smooth, soft, slow James, that hooked my young 20 year old ears. I am now a young 50 year old latina women, who is just as hooked if not, even more soo.I love you and what you do R,Dub. Please NEVER stop. Sincerely yours Truly Miss.Rachel Garza
    Ps. From Bakersfield Ca.kern County..

  45. To Charles Ross from Roswell NM if you ever hear this…. I cant stope thinking about you We dated when we where young and because I wanted to join Army we lost contact. Please know if I could be with you again I would drop everything!!!!

  46. Shirley used to work with John London and the House Party. She now works with Steve Harvey on KJLH owned by Stevie Wonfe

  47. Hey there R Dub it’s your biggest fan in Tucson Az .. I always love listening to slow jamz every Sunday.. Keep up the awesome job with slow jamz ..

  48. This would be the Best Wedding Gift EVER if I win tickets to see Usher. My wedding is July 1st. I am soooo excited.

  49. I love Sunday Night slow jams it’s so amazing, you do such a great job! And don’t get me started on why I need to be in Vegas to see Usher, I can talk all night! Have a great weekend. Keep up the good work God Bless you all!

  50. Will you guys put out podcasts again? I loved listening to older episodes thru the night on weekdays.

  51. I would love to be entered super fun birthday gift for my husband thanks R Dub❤️ love listening to you!

  52. I love you boosie. I miss you so much babe. I can’t wait to see you goodnight

  53. Hello R Dub! When it is time for Sunday night slow jams I hop on the radio on power 102.1 in red bluff ca. I love the songs you choose! and I love the relaxing songs on slow jams. They make me feel really calm and relaxed! you are doing great! follower dreams! and be your true self! don’t let anyone change who you really are! I hope you accomplish traveling to all 193 countries! I believe in you! Good night!

  54. Hey I wanna leave a song request.My song request is if I ain’t got you by Alicia keys and it’s dedicated to my husband markal in Florence I love yu baby and it doesn’t matter how long I’ll be here waiting

    • Sure! Call us anytime at 877-209-0631 or click ORAL EXPRESSIONS on this website to send one in!

      • I don’t know if my request ever got through when I was young I knew I just wanted to give a man all my love and now that I’ve found you Ernie baby you got my heart since day one I seen you.

  55. I’ve been trying the last three weeks to get on air my hubbys on lockdown so it would be perfect I know he is listening

  56. Would looooove to see him perform! Love his music, artistry, and love music in general. This would be an amazing experience.

  57. Thanks for the chance from canton ohio !!! Crossing my fingers to win!

  58. I have RIGHT NOW a shoebox of cassettes from where I would record Sunday Night Slow Jams. I was a young teen well into my 20s in the 90s. . So soothing RDubs voice!. I was everySunday. i had 2 BDs in the clink. At the time & would do oral expressions also. Im 53 now & Ive based my Pandora from Great Memories in my cassette tapes. . Hubby n I would love this.

  59. Utah needs a good old school radio station because u92 KUUU changed but not like Mega 97.9 in Fresno California

  60. Iam entering on behalf of my beautiful chasity who has loved and you still have a part of her heart. now a mother moved to alanta hoping to run in to you.since she was 11.yrs old until .chasity m.w.

  61. Hey R Dub, I was trying to find out what songs were playing between 11:10- 11:30 CST on 2/27 as I heard a song I really liked and I can’t really remember the lyrics.

  62. Synthia/Robert Lofton

    Thee Chuckii Booker Concert on September 11th 2022 was nothing butfire! We had family come from Vegas to see the concert! Each musician is gifted in their own right! Putting them all together was nothing but a musical explosion!! Everyone enjoyed themselves everyone! PikFunk & Joi Rhone we thank you for bringing University 2.0 to Yoshi’s our favorite place to go for live music…This article truly explains what the night was like! Get your tickets! Chuckii Booker never disappoints! University 2.0 never disappoints! See you there!

  63. Love u & miss u Isaiah….can’t wait till we’re together!

  64. I would like to request dont wanna miss a thing by aerosmith please? Love the show ur awesome.

  65. R Dub you da man. My C.A.T (Katrina),put me up on you when she was away for a few Minutes ,, I tried a few shout out but was never really able too get threw.. After her few minutes was done we were back in each other’s arms and playing you every Sunday. But the sad news is some shit in the past got her gone for a lil minute again but it’s a small minute. Can you help me out on giving her a shout out.. it would blow her mind for her too hear me :telling the world bout her .. that’s are connection every Sunday threw you… What numbers do I have too call or who do I have too write to give her a shout out… Are song is pillowtalk cause everything in the song was happening too us for sure pissed off a neighbor or two… But that’s my C.A.T (I say the letters not the word when I call out for her) And I’m her jon w/o the H Love… Keep doing you fam(OneLove)

  66. Can you take cellphones inside?

  67. Please play moonlight by arana grande

  68. R Dub! Love listening to you! Put in my entry for Usher !

  69. I’d love to win tickets to see usher I live in Falls County 100 miles away but I listen to slow jams nightly.

  70. RDub to watch u age so gracefully is so amazing. I must say thank you for making my childhood, teenage an adult life one to remember. U have always been the 2nd reason for me to push through all of lifes bullshit and trials u were and always have been my stress reliever and mood fixer, my go to and couldnt wait til sunday. u were my routine every sunday since a little girl i would no matter school year but the best was my summers yet every sunday at 7p i would leave all my friends they knew my routine also don’t come by knock no nothing u would not get a response leave me the hell alone til monday evening. even my mom would letr my bothers know and my dad thst if theuy wanted to use the bathroom they bette get oin there before i got in there cuz at 8p its wrap the bathroom is out of commission til in the morning! str8 like dat! i would prep at 7p getting everything ready for my bath cuz at 8p im in the tub wine glass with lime cool aid made my way jus for me. like i was grown. bisquits on platter and bubbles to the rim wit the perfect water temp. then at 750 i’d announce for the last time last call for toilet use sunday night slow jams bout to come on i will c yall tomorrow. then 8p and my music blasting in the bath candles lit around the tub wine glass n cool aid pitcher on a crate easy access to pull closer as i get into my get away sanctuary until u went off at midnight. yet it never failed all the years of doing this i would fall asleep before u went off and always seem to awake at 5a on the nose freezing cold. so thats when id let out my water and reshower before clearing the bathroom. majority of the time seldom did i ever miss the last song i’d always seem to fall asleep jus in the middle of the last song. yet that was my routine for all of my before a teen through my teens routine til they started switchin up the stations and changing everything but thanks to u i know oldies love jams and real music something these kids today dont kjnow of but i can guarantee you one thing my 7 kids know all about u. thank you, i love and appreciate u

  71. i love you usher

  72. I’ve been listening to Sunday Night Slow Jams since I was 11 years old. I’m 17 now and I still love the tradition of listening every Sunday night, doing nothing but sitting in bed next to my radio. Jammin with R. Dub. Thank you for all the memories…but never doing my online expression. I’m still waiting patiently. And i’ll never stop listening. Thank You R. Dub. For everything.

  73. A very well written review of The 9.11.22 Yoshi’s show.

  74. Hey R a DUB long time no talk!! I’ve been following you through your adventures! Thanks for sharing it’s so cool!! Anywho I enter to win!! This would be great since our 1 year marriage would be in october!!

  75. I called the shots with my HD Camera crew in the Abuja, Nigeria show in the Dome with Usher, Rihanna & Jay Z with Naiomi Campbell & others present a while back over a decade ago. 2 nights later the Lagos Polo Club pitch in the pouring down rain we covered Mary J Blige, Chris Brown & Fat Joe amongst a fashion show that included jewelry “Bling King” Chris Aire, Ozwald Boetang and others.
    Those were probably the best shows ever in 9ja over a weekend done on such a short notice! I was so busy when I took a break I was taken to the side tent where Usher was taking photos & selfies before his performance and wanted to speak to him and tell him he grew up in Chattanooga down the street from my cousins but I needed to eat pea & drink and get back to the showcase for his show to kick Ass!

  76. Awesome Contest

  77. My fiance Edward and I can be brought together for a few hours on Sundays And we are sincerely thankful for you and slow jams.soon we will be listening to you together side by side.. if possible. We’d appreciate it if you could play our song NOBODY .. thank u Kathy

  78. Omg me and my fiancé could use this get away! 3 kids 6 & under is no joke sometimes 🙂

  79. I Mean Usher Helps Make Slow Jams I could use a get away

  80. This is the best radio show on the air waves by far. Hands down ain’t nothin on the radio that can amount to this

  81. I did 12 years in prison in Texas and me and my wife would be tuned in every Sunday. U gave us another way to stay connected. I appreciate u and what u have done with your show. People need u and what u do.

  82. I love Usher. Would be a much needed get away for me!!

  83. A vaction is needed love usher music ❤

  84. I hope I can win, would be an awesome way to celebrate my husband and I 7yr weeding anniversary early.

  85. My 25th birthday is in march would be amazing attending Vegas for the first time to see usher! ☺️

  86. I hope I win my birthday is in February. We love Vegas me and my fiancé escape there once a year this would be an amazing little getaway for us especially seeing Usher.

  87. I’m a middle school teacher, and let me just say, I COULD USE SOME GROWN FOLK INTERACTION!!! Please pick me!

  88. I hope I win! I’ve never been to a concert and would be a experience!!

  89. Hey RDub! I’m such a huge fan! I’ve been listening almost as long as you’ve been on! My fiancé is incarcerated and being released in may of this year! We’ve been going strong for quite some time and plan on getting married. It hasn’t always been easy but what relationship is right?! I just wanted to let him know in case he’s listening, cuz we love listening to you, I have always chose him. Can you play I chose you by kiana lede. I plan on singing this at our wedding! Yezz I can can sing R Dub! Lol! Thank you and God Bless you for saving my life when times got rough. I’m so grateful!! -Patti

  90. I hope I win! My birthday is in March and he’s having a show in March. That would be a great birthday gift.


    Hey rDub thank you for sharing my oral expression last year best moment ever ! So I hope he was tuned in! Thank you sonny Bueno for sharing the best station v101 rDub Sunday night slow jams always look forward to ending the weekend to you have a great night and happy new year and no better way to start the new year off 🙂

  92. Geneveve Barrera from Omaha Nebraska. I’d like to give an oral expression to the love of my life my soul mate John Barrera in Colorado Springs CO i would like to wish you an early birthday your my best friend I love you so much and miss you so much soon we will be together baby. Keep God first!

    Can you please play U2luv

    • Great! Please fill out the form above!

      • R-Dub I made it out prison,thanks 2 you and slow jams for getting me thru. Shout out to hunter,Atcitty, Jaquin locked down in La-Tuna, Curtis is out.
        Thank you R-Dub From Albuquerque New Mexico I don’t know what song would be good…R-Dub you know what song to choose so I’ll leave it in your hands.
        Thank you again

  93. Hi r dub i wanted to make a dedication to my man in phoenix az FAME its from karol morales in albuquerque nm baby im here n not going nowhere i wanted to dedicate “JUST LIKE DADDY” BY TUPAC!!!! THANX R DUB u give alot of ppl hope by doing what u do! I appreciate n so do they! Keep doing what ur doing

  94. Hi, R Dub me and my boyfriend are big fans of you. We would like to request the song “See You Again” by Tyler the Creator FT Kali Uchis. It would mean so much to us, thanks. Greetings from Dodge City, KS.

    • Great to see you Melissa and thanks so much for listening! Please make sure you fill out the form on this page so your Expression gets to us. Many thanks!

      • Hi R dub!,

        There was a song that played on 9/19/21 at around 9 that I’ve been looking for. Is there a way you can look at the songs played around that time? There was a woman singing on an instrumental with a piano. I would be so grateful if you could find the song.

      • I would like to make a shout to baby Skrawny and his homeboys at Mc Connell unit in Beeville, TX. I love you, be safe and I love you. Can’t wait to say I do!

  95. Hi, I live in Austin Texas and last night during the show there was a cover of Aaliyah’s One in A Million played, is there anyway to find out who that was by?

  96. Hi R Dub,

    I love Sunday Night Slow Jams, Me and my husband listen to it every Sunday especially now that he is gone. It would mean the world to me if you could play I Hear a Symphony by Cody Fry one Sunday. Thank you keep up the great work.


    • So great to have you both listening! What city are you in, and where is he?

    • R dub idk if u kno how much u do means to us…. the couple of seconds we get means alot warms our hearts evens tearns come to our eyes! It brings hope to alot of us that one day we will be where we wish we could b right now! N 4 the world to hear it! Thank you with all my heart! U bring hope to many people hope u know that!!! N if u could play “the simple things” by miguel dedicated to evans in phoenix az from Karol with a “K” it would bring a smile to his face right now i would greatly appreciate it! I did fill out a form already just wanted to tell u myself! THANK YOU R DUB!!!!!


    Veronica i RDub can you play Selena dreaming of you dedicated to sonny bueno I love you so am thinking of you always


    Hey this is Misty from Dallas! Could you please play Tell me what you want me to do by Tevin Campbell Tonight AND my oral expression I’m about to call in. Or good night kiss hahaha pleaeeeaaase
    Love your show, me and my fiancé call it our date night, we get to hear the same music for 4 hours, so thank you so much

  99. Hey R-Dub! I’m a HUGE fan. I have been listening for 2 years now and i would like to leave an oral expression. I’m sending this from Live oak California and my loved one is also here. “I want him to know that I miss him. Not a second goes by and I dont think about him. and that hopefully soon we can never be separated by anything.” (TY r-dub, after i heard your station you changed my life!!! Your the best)



  101. Hi R Dub, can you please play “You Belong to Me” by Anita Baker? I have not heard that song once since I have been listening to the show. I keep Slow Jams tuned in 24 hours a day, I listen in my sleep. There is nothing better than a slow jam to relax you. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

  102. How do I dedicate a song to my husband that’s incarcerated..

  103. Slow Jams, it’s been apart of my life for a long time. I love the chill vibes from the station its my number one station to listen to. I would like to make a request for a song that describes my girlfriend very well. The Song is called Lady Brown (There is a clean version) by Nujabes ft Cise Star. Thank You and God bless you.

  104. Hello R Dub,
    I would Like to send an oral expression to Shanna Thomas, I love her so much and she is my everything. And I would like to request Lady Brown by Nubjabes ft Cise Star

  105. Can you play marry your daughter brkn rbtz

  106. Hello R Dub!! I love listening to Slow Jams Sunday night! It’s been a few weeks and I haven’t heard my oral expression… It’s my honey’s birthday at midnight, hoping my email goes through as oral expression tonight!!! Thanks

  107. Hello RDub! I’ve been calling in my oral expression for the past few weeks, and still have not heard it?? Please help a fan out! Thanks
    Great job! You’re the best!


  108. Hi R Dub this Jessica McKeone from Omaha NE I like to make a oral expression to Michael Wolcott in Omaha NE. mike I baby and miss you I can’t wait to be home to start our life’s together

  109. Hey R Dub!! How can I dedicate a song to my loved one? 🙂

  110. Hi, can you play “holding the gun” by Sabrina Claudio. It’s my song to my guy and he’s never heard it before and only way he is able to is if you can play it during Sunday night slow jams. Please and thank you.

  111. Hey R Dub! My boyfriend & I listen to Slow Jams every single night… We have been separated for 1 year now & we still have 15 more months to go. We email each other the entire time we are listening & every time that we are ready to send another email, we include the song title to whatever song is playing at that time….Its just kinda how we let each other know that we really are listening. Anyways, Is there any way to get a copy of the playlist for the date August 26th, 2020? That was my birthday & I was extremely sick that night & wasn’t able to listen. I am crossing my fingers…

    I listen to Slow Jams on channel KKST Kiss 98.7 Fm in Colfax, La

    • Hey R Dub, What is wrong with my original comment? What does “Your comment is awaiting moderation” mean?

      • Hi Ashley! It means it hasn’t been approved yet my the moderators. We have to approve all comments to prevent spam. 🙂

        • I’d like to give an oral expression to Cory Lynn:
          Baby, I know life is SO ROUGH right now… every day seems harder than the last…
          But I need you to know that I don’t want ANY AMOUNT of my days to have to be without you… giving up NOW, when we’re SO CLOSE TO WINNING.. I can’t help but believe that I’ll be bitter and full of regret til the day I die, if I don’t have you by my side… If we can’t figure out how to make it through the hard days, then we won’t get to all the better days, TOGETHER..

    • It would my pleasure! I am emailing you now. Thank you both so much…appreciate you more than you know!

  112. Hi rdub I sent in an oral expression last week to my husband but I didn’t hear it on the station.. do I have to submit another one for tonight? I’m listening on 93.1 the beat

    • Hi Jocelyn! You are welcome to submit one every week. Thank you so much for listening!

      • I actually called in my oral expression last night and spoke to you and my husband and I didn’t hear it last night I’ve been trying every Sunday for about a month and I also email my oral expression and nothing.. how can I get my oral expression to come out next Sunday?

      • Hi R Dub! love the slow jams, listen every sunday. Is there anyway i could get the play list of songs played tonite after its over plz & thanks. Keep the good work up man. Thank u

  113. I don’t even know if you’ll remember this song, but it was a slow jam that referenced a bunch of other slow jams and it had to have been 15 years ago. I used to hear it every Sunday and I can’t remember the name of it to save my life

  114. Can you please play Kc and JoJo All my life for my boyfriend Jack because He is definitely what I’ve been waiting for all my life. I love him so much! Thank you so much Morgan

  115. Can you please play Just Be Good To Me by The S.O.S. Band <3

  116. Hoping that my registering to will get my oral expression played this time, please? I’ve tried just about everything else. So so thankful you even offer a chance to get my oral expressions in spite of the odds.

  117. Can you please play S.O.S. Band-Just be Good To Me!!!! Would be more meaningful than anything <3

  118. Can you play Undecided by Chris Brown this on the next Slow Jams?

  119. I would like to give an oral expression to the love of my life Honey: I miss you and love you even more…Can u play ” Masterpiece ” by Atlantic Starr?

  120. Can you play I cant make you love me -tank, tonight?

  121. Does oral expressions come on every night

  122. Hello, R Dub! My Husband And I both listen to your show every Sunday night and I’ve put in 2 oral expressions this week hoping to at least hear one of them! I was not a registered user, and I did finally did register. I will try and put in another oral expression for my husband! I’ve been trying the last 3-4 weeks and I try and stay up as late as possible, because of work early the next morning! I work at Amazon and we work the long 10 hr. shifts! So could you please try and and get our oral expression in tomorrow night? Please and Thank You from,
    William & Lisa Elifrits

  123. jyrgiosgirl2020

    Hi R Dubb.. I was seeing if you have an address my fiancé can write you as he currently incarcerated.. he listen to you all the time and so do I.. thanks much love ❤️

  124. deboraholiveira

    Hey R Dub! How are you doing? Can I request a slow jams? “Have You Ever – Brandy Norwood” this song is beautiful and touching, I’m sure it’s going to reach everyone’s heart and warm them up! Thank you so much and I love listening to the show!

  125. Can you play See you again by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth?

      • Hi R Dub hope my oral expression will go out tonight so my husband can hear it hes in prison and I told him to listen tonight thank you

      • Hello R Dub, what is the URL of the ftp website? I’m planning on starting a hip hop radio station in baton rouge and I want Sunday Night Slow Jams on it as soon as it starts. Can you help me?

    • Gotta get that chat box goin! Should be easy to incorporate in the website dude. You’re my slow jam soulmate LMAO I miss “Take it to the Room” and “Screwston Sunday” -days of things. You bring that back. Can we get some chopped and screwed? Body rocking knocking tha boots

  126. I’m in spring texas and I submitted my oral expression to my boyfriend that’s in prison in Abilene tx it would mean so much to me if he gets to here it soon please.. thanks❤❤

  127. hi r-dubb…hope your having a blessed day..i was seeing if you can give an oral expresstion for me for my soon to be husband Jyrgio Hayes out of las vegas NV i wan to tell him i love him and cant wait till hes home @more months thanks

  128. Hey my name is ayesha myers I wanna tell the love of my life Tarquan that I love and miss him dearly.i can’t wait till he’s home.. If you guys could please say that live for me and play a song for me called NBA YoungBoy Valuable pain

  129. Hey RDub,
    I hope you are well. I just want to thank you for all of your efforts and putting this together. I can not fill in the oral expression form tonight. I don’t know if it is down or what. I am happy to call it in.

  130. richard-flanders-patrick

    I’d like to give a shout out to everyone during this time of crisis and a shout out to my friend’s in San Juan county they are .. JACOB (DC) SANDERS,, DON DAVIS ,, MICHAEL GARCIA ,, TRAVIS WOOD ,, MIS FOXY ,, NEHIGH ,, BRIAN MESTAS ,, JOHN NEWTON ,, ANTHONY SALAZAR ,, and everyone else there that knows me as Flanders… Stay safe and stay out of trouble

  131. I want to say that I love you Angel David thank you for everything from laura shout out from Elkhart Indiana and can you play ed Sheeran perfect

  132. Who sings that cover of the closer mash up? It sounds like a mix between the chain smokers and neyo song both titled closer.

  133. Hello RDub. My husband is in prison at North Kern State Prison in Delano California. He goes by Too Cool Toby. He said if I love him to give him a shout out on here and this is my very first time to this but I wanted to give him one. To let him know that I love him I miss him he stay on my mind and I’m waiting patiently for him to come home. I will also like to dedicate this song to him I Will Always Be There For You. Song by Anquette. Thank you

    • Hi there! We don’t do “shout outs,” but you can send in your Oral Expression using the submission form on this page. Thanks!


        I would like to give an oral expression to my husband Steven Gunn in Abilene TX. All the way from Waco TX, His wife Eboni Gunn. Te’amo Daddy! I’m so ready for you to come home. Let’s conquer the world together baby. You are the light of my life. You’re very special to me. Be good my love. Be ready for the extacy that you’ve been missing.. when you’re in my arms again! When you’re able to get visits again, I’ll be there with bells on. Kisses my love!

  134. Hello RDub. My husband is in prison at North Kern State Prison in Delano California. He goes by Too Cool Toby. He said if I love him to give him a shout out on here and this is my very first time to this but I wanted to give him one. To let him know that I love him I miss him he stay on my mind and I’m waiting patiently for him to come home. I will also like to dedicate this song to him I Will Always Be There For You. Song by Anquette. Thank you

  135. Hey R Dub I’m a fairly new listener and look forward to Sunday nights. I’m from Harlingen, Texas and my boyfriend is currently locked up in Neal Unit in Amarillo. We both listen every Sunday night somehow we feel that while we listen together in some way we are together. I had sent out an oral expression for him and would just like to know how long it takes to come out on the air. Just want him to know that I am thinking of him and miss him like crazy. Thank you ❤️

  136. Hi R Dub!

    My name is Mallory, I submitted my oral expression over the phone today, March 15, 2020. It’s for the love of my life, Carlos! I really hope you get it and can air it today! It would mean the world to us. Thank you so much! We both will be listening to you tonight and Sundays to come! God bless you!

  137. R Dub!! I called in an oral expression beginning of the week. I hope it gets aired!! I’m a new listener and it would mean a lot <3

  138. RDub!
    It’s nice to read about you. My husband is in prison in Beeville, Texas. He is in the McConnell Unit. He listens to you every Sunday night. He has been asking me for months to send him an oral expression. I emailed my first one a few weeks ago. Do all the oral expressions get read on Sunday nights? Should I send in more than one oral expression a night? It would make his night to hear his name and my message to him. His name is Mike but he is called White Boi Mike or 44. I just call him MINE. If you could read my Oral Expressions to him tonight you would make two people very happy tonight.
    Thank you for all that you do.

  139. I love listening to the Sunday night slow jams love. I am about to tell my boyfriend to listen. I would actually like to send a written expression to my baby as well. Jesse my love i am so grateful you are in my life thank you so much i cant express how much i love you more than already do, it just isn’t possible. stay you babe and happy valentines day.

  140. Was looking to get the for 02/02/2020 from Salinas Ca, heard a song at around 730 ish and for some reason I cannot think of the lyrics just the beat. Thanks. Please send to

  141. I love slow jams! I’ve been listening for over 20 yrs!! Keep up the good work!


    Yay!! Slow jams!!

  143. Hey R Dub, I’ve been trying to leave an oral expression to someone special but every time I press 2 to keep it, the record takes me back to the main menu. Is that right? I’m overseas and my loved one at Texas, do I need to say the city and state I’m from or just the country? And how do I talk to you during the show? Thanks! I listen to slow jams everyday on B106!!!!

  144. Hey thank you and you jave a verrrry merrrrry Christmas and a better New Year God Bless and be safe

  145. Mrs.DarkCrystal3386

    Is there a way to get last night slow jams how can I listen to the show

  146. Mrs.DarkCrystal3386

    Show me love by Alicia keys ft 21 savage
    Tru by Lloyd
    Please my man is locked up n really wish for u to play these song
    For Michael Dark in Anchorage alaska

  147. Mrs.DarkCrystal3386

    How can I listen to Sunday night slow jams from last night if I missed it

  148. My name is Mariza from Modesto Ca and I’ve been listening to slow jams for years & I absolutely love it!! I tune in five days a week on Kwin 98.3!!
    Thanks you R.Dubb!! 🙂

  149. I’m so grateful for your show it keeps me and my husband connected since we can’t physically be together. My name is Jamie form Las Vegas and I would love to give an oral expression to my love Alphonse in Indian Springs, NV. I love you so much babe and I’ll be waiting for you until your home with me. I’m so in love with you.

  150. Unbreak my heart by Toni Braxton can you try to fit this song in R Dub! Thanks !

  151. R Dub! Me an my boyfriend are listening to sunday night slow jams as of now have been since we got together, I’d like to give a shout out to him an tell him I love him over the radio. Thanks alot !!

  152. Mrs.DarkCrystal3386

    I wish to get on it at least my oral expression or email
    My name is Crystal Dark From Anchorage Alaska sending my Amazing Man Michael Dark All the love in the world I can give to you ur the best ever.

    PLAY JAMES ARTHUR ” say you wont let go” kurtis when you told me about this song I amiditly had to look it up each and every word seems as though the song was written for us. You are the love of my life, father to our children and my best friend and as of just a short year ago my husband. I’m so proud to call you that. You truly are my best friend. I hope you get to hear this tonight I love you daddy love always and forever… mamma’s

    • I’ll be looking for your email. You can also call us at 1-877-209-0631. And thank you so much for listening!

      • Mrs.DarkCrystal3386

        U would save my relationship if you could please on Monday night play the song show me love by Alicia key ft 21 savage n tell the world I requested it for. My love Michael dark

  154. I love slow jams with a passion
    I look forward to Sunday nights !
    Thank you

  155. Can you play all my life by kci and jojo

  156. Shout out to my lover Evelyn. I’m always thinking about you

  157. Hey RDub this is Delilah i wasnt sure if i did my oral expression correct i havent heard it on the air next time hopefullY

  158. Hey RDub this is Delilah i wasnt sure if i did my oral expression correct i havent heard it on the air

  159. mcconnellquincy

    Hey R-Dub My name is Quincy from Wichita Ks, I was wondering if I could get a list of the songs played tonight sent to my email, there was one with very little words and just about 5 minutes of instrumental and I couldn’t the name. Much love from the 316!

  160. Hey I want to say what’s up and say I’ve been listening to you for quite a while Now,And your radio station is always played probably 20 hours a day I dig it I’m a straight R&B fan so I love the slow Jamz keep them coming

  161. I’ve been trying it’s my first time when I finish my recording it goes back to the menu I emailed a ORAL EXPRESSION I pray it work.. hope all.have a good night

  162. Can you do oral expressions on here? Sorry I’ve never done one!

  163. Thank you for every Sunday night slow jam. I look forward to it every week and it gets me through the toughest of times just wanted to say thank you and keep doing what your doing

  164. mrs jaramilllo

    I listen to you every weekend. And My love does also. We may not be next to each other but we both listen to you every Sunday. Which makes us feel like we are together listening to the Sunday night slow jams. Thank you for having this show.

  165. Hi my name is Sharon from Gallup New Mexico. I wanna say I love you to my husband Ryan he means the world to me thanks Baby for all u do for us.

    • Awesome! Just fill out the form above please (you left your message in our comment section, please use the form above!) And thanks so much for listening!

  166. could you please email me the playlist from tonight? i heard a song around 10:50 central time and would love to know the name

  167. Hi I’ve heard so much about this station from my significant other! He loves the slow jams on sundays. This was my first time tuning in and making an oral expression. I just have to say I’m really enjoying the music thus far! Thank you!

    • Hi Zuria! And thank you soooo much! Really appreciate you, and I hope you’ll spread the word! See you soon!

      • mrs jaramilllo

        I want to request a slow jam and I’m new to this site and not sure how to do it. I would like to hear J. Holiday Suffocate and to let the love of my life know I love him very much and wait till he is home and finally in my arms. Thank you.

  168. Can I get tonight playlist sent to Me?

  169. Yo R-Dub! Keep doing your thing! I shouted out my brother Toon the Goon and I hope you’ll be able to do the shout out. It’s my birthday today and I see you been replying lately so yeah he listens every Sunday have a good day.

  170. So I’ve been trying to get on air to leave an oral expression for an inmate in prison but you never answer or never play the oral
    Expression nor is the song I want called beyond in your system, what can I do

  171. I would like to dedicate Best part to Corey Dale. I love you and miss you my love. You will be home soon. Mrs. Walker

  172. Last sunday i tried to dedicate a song but my man did not get it and ur system didnt confirm if it was sent to u
    U call i request a song and dedicate it then thsts it nothing after that

  173. I’m happy that my husband harold corson is home for being in jail and i missed him very much on are yr anniversary and im hoping are 2 yr anniversary will be better the the first one and i will like to here are song Thinking out loud from Ed

  174. Hi this is kandise I would like to make an oral expression to my boyfriend Chad Mebane I want to dedicate I belong to you and let him know that I do belong to him and that I love him with all my heart and soul and I can’t wait till he gets home I miss you

  175. Very amazing way to reach out to loved ones more the anything I’m glad my gf loves this station thanks!

  176. I would like to make a oral expression to (Paco) Michael Terry. “P” baby I love you and I miss you so very much. I am waiting for the day for you to come back home. Not to much longer and your gonna be back home. Yes we did have a first rough year but P it only gets better from here on out. I promise you that baby! Hurry home babe so we can get our family started and make our home and make memories to hang on our walls. I love you and I miss you! Just know that No matter how much time we are not together or how far apart we are just know I carry your love with me. I love you P baby.

    • No problem…just fill out the form above!

      • I have been trying to get a oral expression for now about a month now. I have filled out the form above, even tried calling in. My name is Tiffany live in Delavan Illinois and the oral expression I would like to make it out to is Adrian. Who is in Pollock Louisiana right now. Like him to know I miss him and someone else loves him other than himself. Let angels watch over him.

      • Tell My Love Josh that I’m so proud of all the hard work he’s dedicated himself to becoming such an amazing father and husband Love TheeWife

    • R Dube. Just w wanted to start off with. Thank you for what you do. I love your show. Secondly, I want to give a shout out to Steven. I miss him and I’m sorry for everything that has happened between us and I wish you come and see me and I love you very much

  177. Can you do a shout out to Tank “I’ll be right here waiting for you” from Candida

  178. I’d like to dedicate On Two Occasions By The Deele to Micheal Herrera who’s in South Idaho Department Correctional Institution. Micheal you’re always on my mind in my heart and i miss you like crazy! From you’re #1 fan Joanna xoxo

  179. I’m sorry to a very special girl who I miss so very much and wish you were still in life Bobbie delacruz in salt lake City Utah I still love u . Gapo bernal out of Nampa ID

  180. I’d like to dedicate These Arms of Mine to Micheal Anthony Herrera in South Idaho Correctional Institution. Micheal you mean the world to me & even though we’re friends at the moment I want you bad as ever! I miss you besitos

  181. what in gods name happend to slow jams Rdub my husband and i listen every sunday night together in the same home before christmas it was awesome after it got very bad i dont know who those people are you play new music hardly no rkelly usher or anyone elce what happen please bring our sunday night slow jams back i stopped listening because it isnt good anymore i made my own slow jams cd 4 hours of sexy slow jams we listen on 93.9 the beat and sunday night we turned it on and it was not on. breaks my heart we really enjoy sunday night slow jams please fix it. the music u play now i feel is for teenagers not folks in there late 20’s early 30’s or older u are awesome though

  182. Hello my name is Angela Martinez from Santa Maria,Ca. My oral expression is to my fiance Charles Neal in Santa Barbara,Ca.
    I just like to apologize to my Fiance Charles for acting up the other day. Im sorry Baby…. You just drive me Crazy sometimes . But, forgive me baby??. We can get this right Daddy, With God beside us nothing or no one can come between us. I promise you my love, Ill do everything to be all you want and need me to be To make it through these trials of being apart. Goodnight my love sleep with the angels. I LIKE TO REQUEST THE SONG:
    S.O.S Band- Take Your Time ( Do it Right)

  183. I want to make a oral expression to my awesome husband Tommy… Thank u for everything

    • Awesome! Just fill out the form above please (you left your message in our comment section, please use the form above!) And thanks so much for listening!

  184. I would like to make a oral expression to my awesome husband Tommy. I love you baby. Thank u for everything u do for me

    • Awesome! Just fill out the form above please (you left your message in our comment section, please use the form above!) And thanks so much for listening!

  185. Lissettetapia3711

    Thank you Slow Jams for giving us the opportunity to feel close and connected to our loved ones no matter how far or what lies in between us. xoxo

  186. I want to make a oral expression to my wonderful husband Tommy Burkey. I love you and I appreciate everything you do for me and our family! You are the best a woman could ever ask for. I love our Sunday night tradition of shutting off the world and turning on Sunday night slow jams and just enjoying each other! I love u babe

    • Awesome! Just fill out the form above please (you left your message in our comment section, please use the form above!) And thanks so much for listening!

  187. This is my oral expression: this is for my wonderful husband Tommy. You are the best ever I am truly a lucky woman and I thank God everyday and every night that he brought u into my life. I love u baby…. Your my king! Love your Queen, bekkah

    • Awesome! Just fill out the form above please (you left your message in our comment section, please use the form above!) And thanks so much for listening!

  188. lestertroweljr0214

    please play jagged edge lets get married. Daisy Ortiz this is for u my love, I love u so much and want to hold u in my arms for the rest of my life. You mean the world to me and I want u to know that I would never cheat on u or hurt your feelings, and Daisy I promise on everything I love that I will love u until the very end and through thick and thin.

  189. Hello this Sunday November 5th will be my husband bday. I would love to shout a bday wish to my loving husband that I love so much.

  190. I would like to dedicate a song to Tyson and his celly Mason

  191. This is an amazing contest. And to spend it with the one you love, absolutely amazing. Thank you for doing this and for the opportunity R Dub! Keep up the great work! <3

  192. For the Lover in You -Shalamar is my guess!

  193. Quinnie Dunbar Jr aka Duke I love you promise you this!!! Rock with me. Do what you do best make me happy.
    Andrea Campbell

    • Awesome! Just fill out the form above please (you left your message in our comment section, please use the form above!) And thanks so much for listening!

  194. Sending all my love to my fiance Jay Cryer and its TEAM US forever … From Granada Hills, CA

  195. I would like to dedicate Tevin Campbells “Im Ready” to my baby Jose Scrapy Vargas he in Centinela prison hearing this station as we speak. Just want to let him know im ready to love him forever. I miss you baby and te quiero

  196. I want to make an oral expression

    • Great! Please call us at 1-877-209-0631! Or click “Request and Dedicate” on this website. And thanks for listening!

      • HELLO,

      • HI R-DUB

      • Mrs.DarkCrystal3386

        Would you please think about playing
        These two songs
        Tru Lloyd

        Show me love by alica keys ft 21savage

  197. I want to make an oral expression

  198. I want to thank you. The road for me and my husband has been a long one. Our only means of keeping our love alive is through letters, some phone calls and what you do. Thanks again for everything.

  199. An oral expression to my husband Manuel “PEANUT” Ochoa in Lewis Prison, Daddy I love you am waiting patiently your my everything Besos Love, Siempre your wife Tanya “GUERA” Ochoa

  200. Hi this is Jayde from Colorado springs Colorado want to give an oral expression to my husband Gabriel suenos mares, I love and miss you baby can’t wait to be in your arms my love!

  201. I want to dedicate a song to my best friend, love of my life soon to be husband robert aguon.. Hes in welch wv prison.. “all my life” by kacey and jojo, I love you baby love lakin

    • This is rude boi and and this is for the women in my life because I have a lot of them that I love they’re my family baby I’m here the door is open waiting for you to come home so we can start this beautiful future that I know God has for us it’s our destiny I knew I was special when my grandma told me I was and my purpose in in life let’s make the world beautiful happy and fair we do care and we will share the love

  202. I was hoping you sent my shout out to my wonderful husband… I am at work and didn’t get to listen to it… Hoping he got it… 🙁

  203. Hey my name is lakin aguon I wanna tell the love of my life rob that I love and miss him dearly. He’s always on my kind day in and day out…i can’t wait till he’s home.. If you guys could please say that live for me and play a song for me called all my life by kc and jojo.. Let him that’s for him.. Thanks you gusy

  204. IS there a playlist for 7.24.17

  205. I’m looking for a song you played 7-16-17 between 8:30-8:50. It was a slow version of “closer” by the chainsmokers. Is there anyway you can give me the artist’s name?!?

  206. I’m looking for a song you played 7-16-17 between 8:30-8:50. It was a slow version “closer” by the chainsmokers. Is there anyway you can give me the artist’s name?!?

  207. R Dub So If We Just Fill Out The Form Out We Can Still Be Aired ?

  208. Hierry I am so sorry for hurting you. I had no intentions of doing so. Please forgive me. I love you with all my heart. I will fight for you, I am not letting you go.

    • Hi there! This is the comments section. To make your apology, please call The Apology Line at 1-877-209-0631. Thank you for listening and see you soon!

  209. Playlist from 6/4/17 was amazing was wondering if you could email it to so I can get the names to some of the songs thanks!

  210. Anyway I could get the playlist from 6/4/17 great songs but I forgot the name of one thanks


    I would like to request Tyrese Sweet Lady to be played and dedicated to Curtis Callaway for him to know that he has my soul an I love him very much he sings this song to me

  212. I would like to say im sorry to the love of my life Travis my morning bear in buckeye AZ who i let go, i know i cant change anything but i just want you to know that i love you i always have since day 1 and theres not one day that goes by that i dont think of you. Please play Isley brothers living for the love of you

    • Hi there! This is the comments section. To make your apology, please call The Apology Line at 1-877-209-0631. Thank you for listening and see you soon!

  213. Would like to dedicate a song so Juan Garcia I’m all the way in Scotland he’s in Texas and I’m thinking about him loads hopfully ed sheeran Galway girl gets played for him love Donna all the way from Scotland

  214. To Spooks aka Travis in buckeye, i know i cant change anything but i just want u to know im sorry n there isnt a day that has gone by that i dont think of u. I loved u from day 1 and i still do. I hope u r ok n maybe one day u can forgive me. I love u morning bear.

    • Hi there! This is the comments section. To make your apology, please call The Apology Line at 1-877-209-0631. Thank you for listening and see you soon!

  215. Can you send me tonight’s playlist?

  216. I am sorry you didn’t have the best day my love. I will make sure everyday is better and do anything I can to make it up to you.

    I love you forever and always.

  217. Hey RDub where can I get a copy, of Ghost town DJs My Boo slow remix

  218. tiggersweetjlr

    Jeffrey Gardner baby this is for you, I love you with all my heart and soul! You are my world and I’m sorry I didn’t answer your calls this evening I am so very sorry baby please forgive me!! I love you with every beat of my heart!!! Baby I wish I could turn back time so I could correct and fix things!!! Baby I’m so in love with you!!!!!

    Love you so much your wife,
    Jenny Gardner

    Love me because I love you!!!!!

    • Hi Jenny! Please call us at 1-877-209-0631 to make that Oral Expression! Or just click the link that says “Request and Dedicate” on this website! Thanks!

  219. Want to shout out to my Escobedo family!!! Love you ALL!!! Love Jenn

  220. I was listening tonight to ur station I was driving and there was a song that was on (tonight 4/30/2017) at about 824pm can u pleaSe email me the playlist so I can save it…thank u

  221. This is dezerae Akers from omaha ne. I would like to make in oreal expression to my husband Phillip morris in Omaha ne. I love you and you have always been my true love. I would do anything for you.

    • Hi Dezerae! Please call us at 1-877-209-0631 to make that Oral Expression! Or just click the link that says “Request and Dedicate” on this website! Thanks!

  222. I loved a song from last nights slow jams but cannot find it. Please send me the 04/16/2016 playlist to email: Thank You!

  223. Happy 10th year anniversary babe. I love you with all my heart Duane. Love Sara. Can you play forever mine by the o jays

  224. I want to dedicate los lonley boys nobody else to Alicia bribiescas from your wife Sarah and wanna tell her I love her and miss her so so much 2 more month babe can’t wait.

  225. I do apologize for my ignorance!! You have already posted the podcast and this is the playlist from 04-02-2017 for Sunday Nights Slow Jams. Thank you so very much for playing it all and even posting it all here! I greatly appreciate it!!

    I must ask though, on this podcast “Sunday Night Slow Jams – Mar 26 – Part 5 – track time =15:50, (after with you by Chris breezy). You played the track which seems to be a remake of “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJs, who is the Artist that sings this beautiful song?? I love it and absolutely need to have it. I have already searched everywhere last night for it only to be let down, failing miserably in locating the song and the Artist who sang it. It’s incredible and so much classier than most popular and current songs out as of now. Please let us know where we can buy it and show our support. Thanks you, J.R.

    • I think I sent you an email…but if not, I posted the song (YouTube link) on our facebook page! It’s Ghost Town DJs…a new Slow Jams mix for 2017!

  226. Please, R-Dub,
    Can u upload last nights podcast for Sunday Night Slow Jams. You played a lot of songs that seemed to be cover songs and one song you played I needed to find it!!!it seemed to have been a remake to Ghost Town Dj’s “My Boo” but it was sung by a beautiful voice and had a more jazzier easy going sound to it. You should know that the billboard has My Boo in the charts again but that song whoever it is sung by needs to be heard again and again. I used to Dj and this is eating me up…. if anything may we know who the artist is that sang the vocals Por Favor Please Please Please

    • I think I sent you an email…but if not, I posted the song (YouTube link) on our facebook page! It’s Ghost Town DJs…a new Slow Jams mix for 2017!

  227. I want to make oral expression to my fiancé Mr Ohso Fresh in Grants New Mexico Corrections. I miss you so so much. You got my heart. Please forgive me and I’m sorry. I love you more than you ever know. Your my puzzle piece I can’t even deny it. Love you Look at moon n stars. You know who this is.. Have a goodnight huggs n kisses

    • Awesome! Just fill out the form above please (you left your message in our comment section, please use the form above!) And thanks so much for listening!

  228. I want dedicate Donnell Jones to Ohso Fresh in Grants New Mexico Corrections. I miss you so so much. You got my heart. Please forgive me and I’m sorry. I love you more than you ever know. Your my puzzle piece I can’t even deny it. Love you Look at moon n stars. You know who this is

  229. Hi. I luv your show. Listed for the first time in 805 area from 103.3 the vibe last night. Can i get the playlist from sunday 3-26? Thanks!

  230. Marcos Hernandez song if you were mine. Plz it’s for a special girl named Susan in Rockford il

  231. May I get a list of tonight’s playlist? I would really love and appreciate it if so.

  232. I would like to do an oral expression. To Andrew Smith Jr. In Beaumont Tx. 77720. From Marcia Smith of Lake Charles La. I want to tell him I love him and Im so in Love with him. I am eager for April 4, to come. So that I can look you in you eyes and and Say,”I Do”. You are my prayer come true. Andrew I Love Me So You!

  233. I want Andrew Smith Jr. To know Marcia Smith Loves Him, and I am eager for April 4,17 our wedding day to come.

    • He listen to 102.5 Beaumont Tx. 77720. I been sending him oral expressions , But he Never hears them. Can you halp me out; PLEASE??

  234. I want to let everyone know that Andrew Smith Jr. And Marcia Smith Wedding day is April 4,2017. I want my husbands to know I Love Him, Im in Love With Him. This will BE THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. I LOVE YOU.


  236. Can you email me the March 12th complete playlist? Thanks!

  237. Hey R Dub there was this one song recently played today and I totally forgot what song it was and it’s really irking me because I lovedddd it. Could you send me the track playlist of today’s date March 6, 2017. I’m in Wichita, KS. Please and thank you!

  238. R Dub there was a song you played this evening titled Be your lady baby by inoj. However you played another version, do you have the info for that version so I can download that song?

  239. I would like to tell my husband Harold that I love him so much and miss him dearly. Happy 2 years 2 months anniversary.

  240. I Wanted to ask if you can put it on say on your next sunday night slow jams tell that speacial someone his name is Aaron Lopez that i love him and he will always have a place in my heart Laura Valencia from Willcox Arizona