1. A dedication song From Roxana and Crystal El Paso Tx (bestfriends)
    we love you and we miss youu
    “ here with me” by D4vd
    a song dedicated to Ivan Flores from California

  2. To Vonni @ Pekin… I love you baby. Just want you to know I’m riding forever. I can’t wait to see you. And can you play matrimony by wale please

    • Please call us at 877-209-0631 or click the link that says “Oral Expressions” on this website. Thanks so much for listening!

      • Mrs Zipporah SIMS

        R dub my name is Mrs Zipporah Sims. I wanna call in live and tell you my story about my husband and I. He listens to you every night and I wanna surprise him one night .he’s in Pollock,la USP Please help me I’m all the way on the eat coast in Brooklyn,NY

      • This oral expression goes out to Killian seaborn known as KK I love you miss you happy birthday baby sorry for the bad times but through taking thin will last I love you God bless you angels on your pillow and me over your head

    • Racheal Garcia

      Hi my son Simon Sanchez in Ontario Oregon. Stay safe and know Momma and Mr Joe love you very much and miss you dearly.

    • I want to send an oral expression out to John Anthony In TDJC I just want him and the whole world to know that I dooo love youu.. I’m here and I’m ready for whatever comes our way..

  3. To my husband Vonni @ pekin. I love you bae and I’ll forever be proud to be your wife. I can’t wait to see you! Love you always ya wife fa life!!!

  4. To my husband Vonni, you know I love you and I’ll love you forever. I’m honestly proud to be your wife. Good night bae. Love always your wife 4 life lol Deeee

  5. Hi,new to this site.I wanted to let My husband Albert Estrella that I love you babe and miss you so much can’t wait to see you My love..from your wife Alma Estrella can you please Play Always -Nydia DaeCheri ty from San Antonio Tx

  6. I have missed the show for so long,,, is there a way I can listen to the show either live or online

  7. I love you boosie. I miss you so much babe. I can’t wait to see you goodnight

  8. Can you play marry your daughter brkn rbtz

  9. I want to say that I love you Angel David thank you for everything from laura shout out from Elkhart Indiana and can you play ed Sheeran perfect

  10. Can you play all my life by kci and jojo

  11. mcconnellquincy

    Hey R-Dub My name is Quincy from Wichita Ks, I was wondering if I could get a list of the songs played tonight sent to my email, there was one with very little words and just about 5 minutes of instrumental and I couldn’t the name. Much love from the 316!

  12. Can I get tonight playlist sent to Me?

  13. Hello this Sunday November 5th will be my husband bday. I would love to shout a bday wish to my loving husband that I love so much.

  14. I was hoping you sent my shout out to my wonderful husband… I am at work and didn’t get to listen to it… Hoping he got it… 🙁

  15. Hey my name is lakin aguon I wanna tell the love of my life rob that I love and miss him dearly. He’s always on my kind day in and day out…i can’t wait till he’s home.. If you guys could please say that live for me and play a song for me called all my life by kc and jojo.. Let him that’s for him.. Thanks you gusy

  16. May I get a list of tonight’s playlist? I would really love and appreciate it if so.

  17. Hey R Dub there was this one song recently played today and I totally forgot what song it was and it’s really irking me because I lovedddd it. Could you send me the track playlist of today’s date March 6, 2017. I’m in Wichita, KS. Please and thank you! Bchandavong93@gmail.com

  18. I would like to tell my husband Harold that I love him so much and miss him dearly. Happy 2 years 2 months anniversary.

  19. I’m trying to find a song you played from 9-9:30 on July 24th can you please tell me what songs were played it was the beggining more towards 9:00 … Is there any way I can find it out??? Thanks so much !!!

  20. Hello I would like more info on how to listen to past dates if I miss Sunday Night Slow Jams. I would like to listen to November 22nd. How often do you update or where can I go to locate that date? Thank you.

    • Hey there! Currently, there is no way to listen to past shows. We hope you’ll tune in every Sunday night to hear the show. We also host a weeknight version in many cities.

  21. What station can i listen to from australia? ?

  22. What was the song played after Jon B’s they don’t know? Loved it!!

  23. Love your show…you are the best

  24. big things happening here!
    much success

  25. Thank you grandma for The ride back to school, I love you so much, and idk what I’d do without you! And a shout out to mother nature for being blessed with this awesome weather:)!

  26. Enjoying the weekend to the grown-up slowjams.

  27. Whitney you have left this world and blessed us with the grace upon your preciouss loved ones feel gods son
    Hugging them

  28. always think of whitney and Katrina AND BOBBY BROWN FAMILY OUR PRAYERS GO OUT TO YOU.

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