Sunday Night Slow Jams is back in Salt Lake on U92!


R Dub SLC U92I am absolutely elated to tell you that Sunday Night Slow Jams is back on the air in Salt Lake City, Utah on U92!

Sunday Night Slow Jams airs on over 100 radio stations worldwide and Salt Lake has always been one of my favorite cities!

From the beautiful landscape, to my radio family at U92…but mostly, it’s the people of Salt Lake–my listeners–that I absolutely cherish and adore…and I’ve missed you!

Please tune in to U92 every Sunday night from 8PM til midnight for all your favorite Slow Jams from back in the day, plus your special dedications, we call “Oral Expressions.”

In fact, you can call me right now to make an Oral Expression or request: 1-877-209-0631.  Or go HERE to send an on-line expression.

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R Dub loves SLC

Finally, can I count on you to spread  the word?
I would really love for you to let all your friends and family know that Sunday Night Slow Jams are back on U92!  Would you please share the news?  Update your facebook, send out a tweet, shout it out on Instagram, etc.  I am depending on you to help me let all the Slow Jams lovers in SLC know that we are back!

Finally, thanks to you for letting U92 know that you wanted Sunday Night Slow Jams back!  They listened, and because of your support, we’re back!  Special shouts to ERockalypze, MJ, and my family at U92 for having me back.

See you Sunday on U92,

Yours Truly, R Dub!


About R Dub!

Host, producer and creator of Sunday Night Slow Jams®, R Dub! started the show when he was just 16 years old, at a tiny AM radio station in the middle of the desert. Today, Sunday Night Slow Jams is heard on over 200 radio stations in 14 countries. When he's not Slow Jammin' stateside, R Dub! can probably be found on an airplane headed to a country you haven't heard of. R Dub! is one of the few people in the world who has traveled to every single country on the planet. Read R Dub!'s full story HERE.

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  1. I am a truck driver from Nashville Tennessee and I was stuck in Salt Lake City for the night on Sunday and I tuned in to 92.5 and it made my Night! Thanks Very Much! I Got Home Sick and Very Grateful For the Slow Jams missing Home,My Lady,Family!

    • Love it, thank you Darrell! You can find us on the radio all across America on 200+ radio stations. We hope you’ll tune in again. Safe travels my friend!

  2. Lissettetapia3711

    Thank you Slow Jams for giving us the opportunity to feel close and connected to our loved ones no matter how far or what lies in between us. xoxo

  3. Please play me and my baby’s mommy a good song. I miss her and my kid’s like crazy. And hope she will talkwith me soon. Don’t do thisto our kid’s. Love her till the day i die. And sorry about the kid from her work who past away. But i didn’t do it. So don’t act like i die to. We been togetherto long to give up now on our baby’s. Thanks i will mean a lot if you can play a good song that fix me and her. Thank you. R DUB

  4. ow matter what happened i will love her till the day we die. And i am sorry about the kid she bring home from work. But don’t do me like it was me who kill him. But i hope she will call me so and let me see my kids soon. Cuss i miss my family like crazy. Past is the past. Let it go we been together to long to just give it up. I didn’t give up on her 4year’s ago. Sorry and i want to tell her i miss her and my kids like i don’t care to live if i don’t have my family back in my life. I love you till the day i die know matter what. So please don’t do me like i was dead.

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