About R Dub!

R Dub!
is the creator, producer and host of the internationally syndicated radio show, Sunday Night Slow Jams®, currently heard on over 200 radio stations in 17 countries. He started the show when he was just 16 years old.

His second passion is travel: He recently completed his mission to see all 193 countries on the planet, reaching his final and 193rd UN-recognized nation in May of 2023.  He helps bring clean water to African villages that don’t have safe water sources.

R Dub! lives and works in multiple locations, including his home of Tucson, Arizona, San Diego, California and Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. where he broadcasts Sunday Night Slow Jams® from his home studio. He’s written two best-selling books and has appeared on Shark Tank and The Kelly Clarkson Show.

He is the self-appointed Grand Leader and Sultan of The People’s Republic of Slowjamastan – an 11-acre sovereign nation created for people who love Slow Jams®. Slowjamastan and “The Sultan” has been featured on CNN, The New York Post, The Guardian, Daily Mail and over 1,000 news outlets in 100+ countries.



It Was All a Dream
R Dub! was just 16 and in high school when he created Sunday Night Slow Jams® in the summer of 1994, and has since hosted and produced the show throughout the years.

Born in Chicago and growing up in L.A. and Orlando, Florida, R Dub! spent his time staying up late at night listening to various “Slow Jams®” type radio shows around the country. He loved the music and the overall mood of Slow Jams, and at age 13 decided his dream was to host his own Slow Jam show.

At age fifteen, after moving to Tucson, Arizona with his family, R Dub! got his first chance in radio, volunteering at the local public radio station. Although he was on in the middle of the night, broadcasting out of a tiny radio station that didn’t have many listeners, he was happy to be playing his Slow Jams®…and even if just one person was listening, he hoped he was making a difference in their night!


One of R Dub’s first DJ gigs–he was hired as a mobile DJ at age 15.


By the time R Dub! was a junior in high school, he was the full-time Slow Jams® show host at the local hip-hop station, where Sunday Nite Slow Jams® was born in 1994.  As the years went by, and radio stations came and went, R Dub! managed to keep the Sunday Nite Slow Jams® alive, taking them with him whenever he changed stations.


1994: The studios of Community Radio KXCI, Tucson, Arizona.


In 2001, R Dub! spent a year constructing his own broadcast studio inside his home.  Shortly after the facilities were completed in 2002, Sunday Nite Slow Jams® went national, debuting in two new markets: Tulsa, Oklahoma and Nogales, Arizona.


R Dub! visiting his station in Tulsa, OK.


On his birthday, December 1st, 2005, R Dub! launched his very own 24-hour Slow Jams® internet radio station, so people could enjoy Slow Jams® seven days a week!

In December of 2007 R Dub!’s fantasy of creating an actual 24-hour all-Slow Jams® radio station came true, when he launched Slow Jams® Radio 92.3FM in Los Angeles.  The station was Hot 92.3‘s HD Digital “Side Channel” and was heard in Los Angeles at 92.3FM digital channel two on any receiver with HD technology.  Soon after the launch of Slow Jams® Radio in Los Angeles, iHeart Radio picked up the format as part of their national programming. You can hear Slow Jams® Radio by simply searching “Slow Jams®” on the iHeart Radio app.

Recently, R Dub! decided to follow his dream to live (and do Slow Jams®) in Brasil.  After being granted a work visa to live in Brasil, he bought an apartment on the beach, packed up his stuff, and gave notice to the radio station in Tucson where he worked full-time as Program Director and Afternoon host.


In 2007, R Dub! hired Slow Jams® icon Al B. Sure! to work alongside him at Hot 92.3 in Los Angeles.


But Brasil just wasn’t in the cards for Dub just yet, as only four days before departing to Brasil forever, he received an offer for the dream job at his favorite radio station on the planet–Hot 92.3 in Los Angeles.  He completed a two-year contract of service as the radio station’s Program Director, which finished in March of 2009. It was then, when he was finally able to escape to Brasil, where he lived for two years.


R Dub! in Recife, Pernambuco, Brasil.


Today R Dub! lives between residences in Tucson, Arizona; Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, California, where he can be heard weekday afternoons from 3PM to 8PM on Magic 92.5FM.  His Sunday Night Slow Jams® still airs every Sunday night, in addition to a weeknight version, and can now be heard all across the country and around the world in over 200 cities.

R Dub! has won various industry awards including Gavin‘s Music Director of the Year, is a three-time S.I.N. Music Director of the Year recipient, has collected two ADDY Awards and has been nominated for Billboard‘s Music Director of the Year numerous times.

In his spare time, R Dub! loves to travel and recently finished visiting all 193 countries on the planet. And yes, the tough ones, too, including North Korea, SomaliaLibya, Iraq, Venezuela and South Sudan

He has only a few more credits to finish his degree in journalism with a minor in Portuguese from University of Arizona.


Country #100 for R Dub! – Iraq.


R Dub! has released a book and a feature film (that has won multiple awards) and was featured on an episode of ABC’s Shark Tank with his buddy Brian McKnight.


R Dub – Sunday Night Slow Jams from sundaynightslowjams on Vimeo.


R Dub! works together with Hope4Kids, and, along with his listeners, brings wells to villages in Africa lacking clean water. (He’d love your help, go HERE to help save lives!)


-“R Dub! in Deep Waters: Tales from the Shark Tank”

-“The Story of Sunday Night Slow Jams®”

-Soul Tracks: Soul Communicators








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  1. Talk about a blessing of a life and opportunity that most don’t get, not to say that he hasn’t worked hard for where he is I’m sure he did a lot of that. But talk about taking advantage of the blessings and making the best of that, and look at the career that afforded him amazing!!! I am a faithful listener originally in Utah then to Las Vegas where I lived for a while but now back in salt lake still listening to all my favorite music I was literally brought up on.

    • Thank you so much, James! I learned so long ago how hard work + passion can pay off…plus ASKING for opportunities and knocking on doors, multiple times. Great to have you along for the journey!

  2. Ashley Williams

    R Dub! I love yu! ❤️ i wish slow jamz played all 24/7 !
    But I look forward to Sunday nights .. thank you!
    I’m listening now

  3. When I visited with you in the consulates office and you showed me the awards you have received I had no idea of the magnitude of the work you had put into making certain that fresh clean water was brought to the people who desperately needed it to survive. Being a Shriner and working with severely injured children I also see first hand some of the most heart wrenching situations that not only the “Kiddos” but also their families live with daily. I salute you and your team for aiding these families. You
    sir are a hero. Your place in heaven is confirmed.

    Gene Gillard, San Diego.

  4. God Bless You 😉

  5. Want to send a message out to R Dub. Great music all the time! On behalf of Hugo Gonzalez “Royal Palace Ent.” Also sending a shout to all the good people of El paso tx. & San Bernardino Ca..If you would, check out my song which is out on I Tunes and Spotify called “My Body” thanks again R Dub and keep up all the great jams! Peace and much love out to everyone.

  6. Oh I wanted ti know If you want go out for dinner

  7. Hey R Dub I wanted to ask you when Is next slow jam concert In Tucson?

  8. Wow yea aaaa R Dub. I just wanna say keep doing what you do I’m 32 from Portland, Oregon been listening since i was a youngin in the car. Never gets old. always good hearing a oldie you havent heard in a while. thanks again for all the good you do keep living the ood llife. cool to see you on sharktank!!

  9. Thank you r dub I heard my oral expression on the radio but he missed it if theirs anyways u can tell Samuel Garcia I love him so much and to keep his head up he will be home soon thank u r dub

  10. Lil Cory here! Actor and rapper. I had a guest appearance on Star Trek Picard and new music with Gucci Mane. I am a new citizen of Slowjamastan!

  11. Hi R Dub! My bestie is a huge fan of your show and I was hoping you could drop him some snail mail since his postcard went MIA from you. He really likes you and has followed your career for years from Austin. Appreciate anything you can do!

  12. R,Dub zip I’ve been listening to(R,Dub SundaynightSlowJames) , since 1998. There’s just shimmy about your smooth soothing voice, along with the smooth, soft, slow James, that hooked my young 20 year old ears. I am now a young 50 year old latina women, who is just as hooked if not, even more soo.I love you and what you do R,Dub. Please NEVER stop. Sincerely yours Truly Miss.Rachel Garza
    Ps. From Bakersfield Ca.kern County..

  13. Hey there R Dub it’s your biggest fan in Tucson Az .. I always love listening to slow jamz every Sunday.. Keep up the awesome job with slow jamz ..

  14. Hello R Dub! When it is time for Sunday night slow jams I hop on the radio on power 102.1 in red bluff ca. I love the songs you choose! and I love the relaxing songs on slow jams. They make me feel really calm and relaxed! you are doing great! follower dreams! and be your true self! don’t let anyone change who you really are! I hope you accomplish traveling to all 193 countries! I believe in you! Good night!

  15. R Dub, I just wanna say You are an inspiration to me. I love slow jams and play them all the time and on Sundays here in Salinas,CA, when I’m at work my coworkers know not to mess with my sunday night slow jams. I hope to share my love of slow jams with the world just like you did.

    • Thank you so much, that is very nice of you to say–so glad you listen!

    • R,Dub zip I’ve been listening to(R,Dub SundaynightSlowJames) , since 1998. There’s just shimmy about your smooth soothing voice, along with the smooth, soft, slow James, that hooked my young 20 year old ears. I am now a young 50 year old latina women, who is just as hooked if not, even more soo.I love you and what you do R,Dub. Please NEVER stop. Sincerely yours Truly Miss.Rachel Garza
      Ps. From Bakersfield Ca.kern County..

  16. whats good man great music luv it, hey do you know where i can get your theme song (slow jams) from or is there a mp3 some where that it self gets me in the mood you should make it a full song peace…….

  17. I have been a long time listener in Tucson, The Slow Jams internet feed is the only internet music station that means anything to me. Remember you DJ’ing and holding events in Tucson. You got a good thing going. Keep it rolling!!!!!!! G.

  18. I love listening to your music, it’s a great show and all, I just wished you played more of Gladys Knight & the Pips, Anita Baker, Chaka Khan, Barry White and more of the old school slow jams. Overall, great show.

    • Thanks Symantha! Make sure you check out our 24-hour ALL-SLOW JAMS channel…just click “Listen Live” on this website! You’ll hear more artists like Anita, Chaka, Barry, etc. You’re gonna love it!!!

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