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  1. Alicia McLaughlin

    I was wondering if u could play we belong together by Mariah Carey, I’ve been going through a rough spot with my husband and I just need him to know I love him so much and ik times are hard but we got this

  2. I want to get special texts when u go on live fb

    • Hi Kenny! That capability doesn’t exist just yet…but you can go to our facebook page and click “see first” and/or “receive notifications,” so you’ll get notified from facebook when we post something new, or go live! I hope this helps!

  3. Love the show man i be listing to it all day everyday i keep it playn in my office even when im not in there, but hey i got to ask you, that theme song that plays (slowjams) please make that a real song or a mp3 cause i love it when i here it, it get me in the mood every time peace one love

  4. Monique Thompson

    You are truly a gentleman and God bless you and your whole family.

  5. R-Dub
    Hi! I want to tell you that me and my boyfriend listen to you every sunday from 6pm to 12am on power 93.3 in Wichita ks my boyfriends birthday is coming up on the 22nd i hoping to get thur so i can talk to you on his birthday but we love you keep up the good work and wichita is recovering from the tornado on saturday the 15th thats for the special times that we can have together plus are 2 year anniversay is coming up too on may 1st i hope all is good with you and yours bless you !!

  6. Hi I need advice I don’t have much friends cuz they stab me in the back but my thing is I have been with my ex for 11 yrs now we are separated and this month it will be a year but we have been doing are thing still Well these two weeks he has been staying we me o yea we have three kids haha well he wants to get back together but we have a trust issue how do we get past all that I love him and we have been through some shit bad but we can’t be away from each other. It like that song that Drake sings doing it wrong… he can’t see me with nobody that’s why he wants me but he can’t get over the past… can u give me some advice please

    • You need to do whatever’s best for your kids. And don’t have any more kids. Children need a stable environment.

      I appreciate you listening and will pray for you and your family. God bless you.

  7. Phuong Q. Nguyen

    R-dub, I been going through a lot of ups and downs this past couple of year. My mentality is always on money! like the rest of the people, I need love in my life! every night that I listen to you, while sleeping in my car @ nite. I feel closer and closer to finding love and getting out of the struggle. Thank you for making the night a little easier for me get the stress out so I could look forward to tomorrow. I count on two things, it the man above and you! Oh.., can I give a shout out to Alexana Segura in Uptown Dallas,TX. If your still up, I just wanted to say I always thinking of you, and I miss U!

  8. and your show have helped me thru some very rough times..while i did my time..2 years i was away from my family and the ones i love…and there were so many nights i knew your slow jams would be on and i could depend on the songs to take me away from the stress and chaos that surrounded me and bring me back to my happy place..i was able to be at peace..even inside those walls..behind those fences..Im sure you know this but i will tell you again..all of the prison units in Gatesville listen to your station faithfully..we love would be sooo funny cause at the same time, all of us in the dorms would have our stations on 106..and the music would echo throughout the all look at each other when a old song we liked would come and jam out together…Im free now..PRAISE THE LORD..and i always said whenever i got out i was going to be hittin you up on every set..and here i am!!!soo..thank u so much for all you do i will be one of your most frequent callers..i just did my first ones tonight was so cool to be on the speaker end of the phone and not on the other side..but now i have alot of shoutouts to do for those who i love who are still behind those fences hoping that they hear me and smile….so remember my name..jamine..pronounced jaymen..youll be hearing from me alot!!

  9. DaMeaun Carrasquillo

    Lovin the show:)

  10. DaMeaun Carradquillo

    Lovin the show:) thanks Rdub

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