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Top 50 Slow Jams of All-Time!


      Heatwave Always and Forever download Slow Jams                   
           (1)                        (2)                          (3)                       (4)                         (5)
Heatwave              K-Ci & JoJo              Keith Sweat            M.C. Magic            Mariah Carey
Always And Forever
All My Life                 Nobody              Lost In Love       We Belong Together

HEAT WAVE - The Best of Heatwave - Always and Forever - Always and Forever             K-Ci & JoJo - All My Life / Tell Me It's Real - Single - All My Life            Keith Sweat - The Best of Keith Sweat - Make You Sweat            MC Magic of NB Ridaz - DONT WORRY - Lost In Love             Mariah Carey - We Belong Together - Single - We Belong Together
          (6)                         (7)                         (8)                        (9)                        (10)
Silk                  Boyz II Men               Ginuwine           Luther Vandross         Marvin Gaye
Freak Me
      I’ll Make Love To You       Differences           Here And Now        Sexual Healing

Silk - Lose Control - Freak Me             Boyz II Men - Boyz II Men: Legacy - The Greatest Hits Collection - I'll Make Love to You             Ginuwine - The Life - Differences            Luther Vandross - The Ultimate Luther Vandross - Here and Now            Marvin Gaye - Midnight Love & the Sexual Healing Sessions - Sexual Healing 

          (11)                       (12)                       (13)                       (14)                      (15)
Marvin Gaye             K-Ci & JoJo          Lenny Williams              Usher                 The Deele
Let’s Get It On               Crazy            ‘Cause I Love You        Nice N Slow           Two Occasions

    Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On - Let's Get It On          K-Ci & JoJo - X - Crazy          Lenny Williams - Ultimate Collection: Lenny Williams - 'Cause I Love You          Usher - My Way - Nice & Slow          The Deele - The Deele Greatest Hits - Two Occasions 

          (16)                       (17)                       (18)                       (19)                      (20)
New Edition                  SWV                  Jagged Edge           K-Ci & Jo Jo                  Joe
Can You Stand               Weak              Let’s Get Married     Tell Me It’s Real       I Wanna Know
The Rain?

  New Edition - New Edition's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 - Can You Stand the Rain             SWV - Best of SWV - Weak              Jagged Edge - J.E. Heartbreak - Let's Get Married            K-Ci & JoJo - It's Real - Tell Me It's Real            Joe - My Name Is Joe - I Wanna Know         

         (21)                       (22)                       (23)                       (24)                      (25)
LL Cool J              Zapp & Roger           Boyz II Men               Prince                   Anquette
I Need Love      I Wanna Be Your Man  End Of The Road           Adore                 I’ll Always Be
There For You

    LL Cool J - Bigger and Deffer - I Need Love          Roger - Zapp & Roger: All the Greatest Hits - I Want to Be Your Man         Boyz II Men - Boyz II Men: Legacy - The Greatest Hits Collection - End of the Road           Prince - Prince: The Hits 1 - Adore          Anquette - Respect - I Will Always Be There for You 

          (26)                       (27)                       (28)                       (29)                      (30)
Nu Flavor               Keith Sweat               Angelica                   Aaliyah             Brian McKnight
3 Little Words I’ll Give All My Love To You  Angel Baby          One In A Million         Back At One

      Nu Flavor - It's On! - Little Words           Keith Sweat - I'll Give All My Love to You - I'll Give All My Love to You             Angelica - Angel Baby - Angel Baby                                         Brian McKnight - Back at One - Back at One 

          (31)                       (32)                       (33)                       (34)                      (35)
Selena         The Tony Rich Project           Case                   Ginuwine                   Shai
Dreaming Of You       Nobody Knows           Missing You            So Anxious      If I Ever Fall In Love

Selena - Dreaming of You - Dreaming of You          The Tony Rich Project - Words - Nobody Knows          Selena - Anthology: A 30 Song Retrospective (Box Set) - Missing My Baby           Ginuwine - 100% Ginuwine - So Anxious         Shai - If I Ever Fall In Love - If I Ever Fall In Love (Original Acapella Version) 

          (36)                       (37)                       (38)                       (39)                      (40)
Doc Box & B. Fresh        Boyz II Men               Aaliyah                   Troop               Janet Jackson
Slow Love           On Bended Knee        At Your Best             All I Do Is          Anytime Anyplace 

(You Are Love)         Think Of You

                          Boyz II Men - Boyz II Men: Legacy - The Greatest Hits Collection - On Bended Knee          Aaliyah - Age Ain't Nothing but a Number - At Your Best (You Are Love)         Troop - Attitude - All I Do Is Think of You          Janet Jackson - Janet. - Any Time, Any Place

          (41)                       (42)                       (43)                       (44)                      (45)
Destiny’s Child          Keith Sweat                  Ray J                   Maxwell            Voices Of Theory
Brown Eyes               Twisted                  One Wish        This Woman’s Work          Say It

    Destiny's Child - Survivor - Brown Eyes          Keith Sweat - Keith Sweat - Twisted           Ray J - One Wish - Single - One Wish         Maxwell - Now - This Woman's Work

          (46)                       (47)                       (48)                       (49)                      (50)
Jodeci                       112        Rick James & Teena Marie        Guy             The Isley Brothers
Forever My Lady             Cupid                Fire & Desire              Let’s Chill        Between The Sheets

Jodeci - Forever My Lady - Forever My Lady            112 - 112 - Cupid             Rick James & Teena Marie - Rick James: The Ultimate Collection - Fire and Desire             Guy - The Future - Let's Chill            The Isley Brothers - The Isley Brothers: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 - Between the Sheets

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