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Enter here to win A.M. Mayhem: The Story of Tucson’s Power 1490 on DVD.  It’s the movie documenting the tale of one special tiny radio station in Tucson, Arizona–on the A.M. dial–that was the first to provide Hip-Hop music to the desert.  Power 1490 was also the station where Sunday Nite Slow Jams was born.  See how the station started, succeeded…and ended.  ENTER HERE!


  1. -> Listener – listening – Lovin Slow Jamz

    I have not tuned in as much as I used to as of late but I have attended a few events.

    I will always be a Biggest fan of Slow-jamz and I will continue to spread the word!
    Grown Folkz Music! lol

  2. I want to give a big shot out to my boy R.Dub much Love and blessings…..

  3. This would be the Best Wedding Gift EVER if I win tickets to see Usher. My wedding is July 1st. I am soooo excited.

  4. Hey R a DUB long time no talk!! I’ve been following you through your adventures! Thanks for sharing it’s so cool!! Anywho I enter to win!! This would be great since our 1 year marriage would be in october!!

  5. Hey I want to say what’s up and say I’ve been listening to you for quite a while Now,And your radio station is always played probably 20 hours a day I dig it I’m a straight R&B fan so I love the slow Jamz keep them coming

  6. RDUB I just put in a slow jams request and I was just wondering if you have received my request?

    Christine M. Batiste

  7. slow jams are awsome i listen to them out here in fallon nevada on wild 102.5 and it became my fave station you are the bomb r dub

  8. slow jams just inspires me great songs reminds me of great memories makes me feel so much better thank you r dub without slow jams i wouldn’t know what to do i can listen to slow jams everyday anytime just the perfect kind of music to listen on a romantic night.

  9. Monica Ceballos

    I have been a fan of snsj for a very long time. Music is such a big thing in my life..and u r-dub have brought it to me in a whole other perspective. With your slow jams i relax and re-energize my mind. My whole family always tells me that snsj reminds them of me cuz they know i am hopelessly devoted i just wantd to say Thank You R-Dub.

  10. I love sunday night slow jams! I listen when I can.. Its jus so sad cuz alot of young people I know arent all that crazy about slow jams or oldies, they say blah thats baby making music I say so thats back when music was good(: now its all bout straight to the point smh no taking your time with nothing, long story short i’d prefer slow jams and oldies over anything.. Thats 90% of wat my ipod consists of(: keep doing what you do in keeping this music alive!
    Much love and respect!

  11. Slow Jams has become a part of my life, Like a extra part of my inner-being. I fell in love with slow jams, I went through heart breaks, trails, and ruff times with slow jams…. I’ve made love to slow jams, and now im sitting here with my soul-mate (Felicia Ford) listening to slow jams. Thanks R-Dub, you are truly a part of this family, your good deeds and mellow grooves are not in vain. GOD BLESS R-DUB & SLOWJAMS.COM

  12. I love the smell of fresh clean clothes clean dishez kids in bed and my sunday night oldies rockin me asleep preping me for the week to come. I have been ending my weeks like this for 5 years out here in modesto ca. On kwin 98.3. Thanks r dub you are a secret lover of sort lol. Keep bringi.g the kickes fresh out the box throw backs never get old they get better.

  13. I really love listening to slow jams on sunday night with ya RDub outta Champaign,IL on 105.5. Been listening since 2010 when I moved here.

  14. i gotta say I been listening to slow jamz for as long as I can remember. Its become a part of my weekly schedule 🙂

  15. I ADORE YOUR RADIO STATION! i wish it were longer!

    • Thank you soooo much!!! You can hear our Slow Jams 24-hours a day! Just click LISTEN LIVE above! You can even dowbnload the app for your phone!!!

  16. I LOOOOOVE Sunday Night Slow Jams! It’s the one thing I look forward to every week, I listen to it on the way to work my graveyard shift. 🙂 Thanks for the amazing music, and your sexy voice! By the way, could you swing by my modeling page on Facebook and give me a shout out? I’d appreciate it! Show me some love! Thanks for everything! 🙂

    Mz. V

    p.s. (my modeling/performing team in Utah)

  17. rikki nicole graham

    I want you back in Seattle. I have been sending emails to all the stations I hope they listen to me you rock

    • I want me back in Seattle too!!! Make sure to contact your local radio stations, and have your friends call and e-mail to! Talk to the Program Directors, they are the ones that have the power!

  18. i luv slow jams me and my mom use to lisen to it every sunday night but now i cant cuz my mommy passed away and so now i have to lisen to it by myself but i just wish my mommy would cum back and lisen to it with me :'( :'( :'(

  19. I love, loooveeee looovee slow jams been a listener since 2010!

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