Trey Songz hosts Sunday Nite Slow Jams

Trey Songz is coming to the Sunday Nite Slow Jams studio on Sunday night, Septemeber 16th to take over Sunday Nite Slow Jams!

Trey will be playing some of HIS favorite classic Slow Jams, letting you hear new Slow Jams from his new album, and even answering your questions and reading your Oral Expressions!

So make sure to set a reminder to spend Sunday night, September 16th with Trey Songz and Sunday Nite Slow Jams!

Click HERE to download the Trey Songz album, Chapter V!

And leave your question for Trey Songz below!

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    About R Dub!

    Host, producer and creator of Sunday Night Slow Jams®, R Dub! started the show when he was just 16 years old, at a tiny AM radio station in the middle of the desert. Today, Sunday Night Slow Jams is heard on over 200 radio stations in 14 countries. When he's not Slow Jammin' stateside, R Dub! can probably be found on an airplane headed to a country you haven't heard of. R Dub! is one of the few people in the world who has traveled to every single country on the planet. Read R Dub!'s full story HERE.

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    1. Hey trey , I want to tell you ive been in a 2 years and a half relationship , and boy ive been going through some things ive never been in before . The only thing that calmed me down n made me think twice was one of my fav from chapter v was FUMBLE , it made me think like I shuldve left my bf long time ago, my question is what do you like in a women?? &can you please follow me on twitte @Mamahz415

    2. Hello Trey:-) I’m a fan of your music and would like to ask. You’ve said that you put so much more of yourself into Chapter V, even directing the Hail Mary video. What other roles are you ready to step into the business? Follow me @ teeshaw

    3. HEYYYY!! TREY!! I LOVE YOU!! WHEN U GONNA LET ME TAKE YOU OUT ON A DATE?? 🙂 SERIOUSLY?? and can you follow me on twitter angel_thats_me …. take care love and keep givin us AMAZING music!!

    4. Just want to say Hi to Trey! 😉 I am so very proud of u. You’ve worked so hard to make Chapter V #1 & congrats on that. I love u so much Trey & keep up the great work. Waiting for the Chapter V tour… Keep up the great work luv. 🙂 hope u have a great night.

    5. Hi Trigga Man how r u? i looooove u an ur music, After singing have u thought about whats next like are u going to get more into movies or what ?Tank u. 😉

    6. Hi Tremaine! Do you think that you will be doing any more movies in the near future? And follow your #1 angel plz sir =) @shaygirlie

    7. who do you plan on collaborating with the most in the future?
      i have all this studying i have to do 🙁 so im sad i cant listen but i have so many questions ! i dont even know where to start ? ! :O first , i love you so much & you started a fan base that is now a movement , Angels ! ^.^ you make us feel fly ! 😀 we highly appreciate all that you do, even the little things in life .. im glad i got the chance to meet you in the bay, & i hope i get this oovoo chat , just SIMPLY AMAZING ! <3 thank you for all the time you take out your precious time for angels 🙂 #love !

    8. oh 🙂 and I would love to win a copy of your cd to add to my collection. If I don’t win lol no doubt i’m going to buy it. love me some Trey Songz. Its real,love it,love it!

    9. I read your biography and I know when you were younger you won several talent shows. We all know you have the mind,talent,body and soul and alot of fans and support. I’d like to know who inspires you the most and where do you see youself in 10 years? May you be blessed with many more years of success! Leticia-amarillo,tx

    10. Plz tell Trey this Angel loves him! ChapterV is his best work yet and he slayed me with every track and I’m so proud of him! I want to know what’s his favorite R Kelly track? and fav album? thank you … Chelle 😀

    11. hey trey can you follow me on twitter @apump20. And im doing an internship in college and would LOVE to do an interview with you because i want to be a host/interviewer after i graduate and i live in VA, so ur a true inspiration to the VA community.

    12. Hey Trey Love Your New Cd Chapter Five Are You Going To Organize A Tour For The Cd? If So Come To Atlanta Love Ya A True Fan!!!!!!

    13. Hi Trey! This is Ebony from Chicago! If a woman requests that you sing one of your songs, while you’re about to smash, would you? Or would it be a turn off?

    14. I want to ask Trey if he really understands the impact he has on his fans, he has really changed my life to the better. How does he feel when fans tell him that?

      Chelsea From Alabama

    15. I LOVE YOU TREY SONGZ ! i Have been waiting on a DM from you ….. @Montz_e AHHHHHHHHHH ! you are everything ! Angels always have your back , we all love you so much ! you make us proud everyday ! <3

    16. Hi trey! We just want to say we love you and keep doing what you’re doing! We love your new album! When do you plan to come to Tucson, AZ for one of your tours?
      -love always,
      your two biggest fans,
      Adriana & Angelica! ;*

    17. HI….. trey i would LOVE if you ever get a chance to come to Amarillo Tx for a concert to get me and my bestie VIP passes …you are the most amazing person i kno..i would love to meet you one dayy PLEASE & THANK YOU <3

    18. Hey Trey darling! I want to know

      1.) is when does the Chapter V concert start???
      2.) Can the meet and greet time b extended for the VIP payers?
      3.) When will you be in Atlanta again (and if your going to the studio can I come sit in and watch, you owe me from the last time I asked lol)
      4.) I made a website for Angels to connect can you Tweet the link plz 🙂 >>>
      5.) Can you consider doing an Angels ONLY concert for Valentines (purty pweze).

    19. I am so excited that Trey is on slow jams tonight! I am a huge fan and I love Chapter V!! I would like to know when the Chapter V tour will begin? Please visit us in Upstate NY, we love you!!!

    20. Hey Trey! First off let me start off by saying Congrats on your number one album. It’s AMAZING! Okay, let get to my question I hear always talking about pleasing women in the bedroom. But, I want to know what pleases Trey? What can a girl do to please you in the bedroom? DETAILS Please! I hope you answer my question without being sillly like you are! I love you Trey! Cant wait for the Chapter V tour. Hope that you are coming back NC!

    21. Hi Trey!!! I first want to say I love your new c.d. I listen to it all the time. But I want to know does any of your songz relate to any of your personal life? Please come visit Arizona we love you!!!

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