So you messed up?  Did someone wrong?  Forgot a birthday?  Broke someone’s heart?  Or just did something plain stupid?

Everyone makes mistakes.

Call the apology line now at 1-877-209-0631 and say I’m sorry.


  1. I’m sorry to a very special girl who I miss so very much and wish you were still in life Bobbie delacruz in salt lake City Utah I still love u . Gapo bernal out of Nampa ID

  2. lestertroweljr0214

    please play jagged edge lets get married. Daisy Ortiz this is for u my love, I love u so much and want to hold u in my arms for the rest of my life. You mean the world to me and I want u to know that I would never cheat on u or hurt your feelings, and Daisy I promise on everything I love that I will love u until the very end and through thick and thin.

  3. Hierry I am so sorry for hurting you. I had no intentions of doing so. Please forgive me. I love you with all my heart. I will fight for you, I am not letting you go.

  4. I would like to say im sorry to the love of my life Travis my morning bear in buckeye AZ who i let go, i know i cant change anything but i just want you to know that i love you i always have since day 1 and theres not one day that goes by that i dont think of you. Please play Isley brothers living for the love of you

  5. To Spooks aka Travis in buckeye, i know i cant change anything but i just want u to know im sorry n there isnt a day that has gone by that i dont think of u. I loved u from day 1 and i still do. I hope u r ok n maybe one day u can forgive me. I love u morning bear.

  6. I am sorry you didn’t have the best day my love. I will make sure everyday is better and do anything I can to make it up to you.

    I love you forever and always.

  7. To Sarah in Harrison Arkansas

    I’m sorry things have been the way that they have been last 3 days. I don’t want any of this between us you know this I know this. I want us happy like we were b4 Friday. I’m sorry I’ve been the way I have been toward u. I’m ready tonup and b with u. I’m sorry I love you. 143

  8. I wanna say sorry to my big guy red in Brooklyn sorry for not being the wife you know I can be in sorry for. All the times you had to shed a tear because of me and I want to let you know that I’m not gonna leave you for sorry.. Love you to the moon and back

  9. hey mi morenita just wana say sorry for the rough times we have had.. i love u and always will mi morenita even if it didnt work out te amo

  10. I would like to say I apoligize to Sam bullock for anything I have done to upset him I am in love with you baby and I hope you forgive me cause Ill forgive you I hate sleeping alone come back home love your women always & forever brandy

  11. I’m Gwen woods from the carribean and I want to say I’m sorry to my puddin Ian Scott I’m sorry I was so aggressive and territorial I love you and I trust you and I should start showing you that you’ve been nothing but good to me and I owe my happiness to you I love you.

  12. Please tell Geo tamara is sorry. I love you

  13. Hi you doing love jams tonight ?

  14. Yes I would love to say I’m sorry to my husband Harold Beasley for the misunderstanding. Babe I’ll never do anything to hurt you or do it intentionally. Plz call me. I Love You. I miss you. Your Future wife Lillian.

  15. Patrick and April Harris

    Hey R- Dub, my name is Patrick Harris, and I want to say I’m so sorry, and made a very stupid mistake to my wonderful, super awesome wife April Harris. You mean the heavens to me, I love you with all of my heart.

  16. Domanick Mecham

    Well you tell my girlfriend theadosha sorry for how it’s been I love you

  17. Destiney I wanna say sorry for everything I think about you all the time and I miss you so much and I hope you forgive me .

  18. MychealsWyfe4Lyfe

    As Mycheal’s wife, I (Tawny), need to apologize from beyond the depths of my soul to you Papi. You’re a man that is sent from heaven and when we come together again I am requesting that I can do whatever you need and or want. As my King, other half, one and only, best friend, and terrific father as well as my HUSBAND, please teach me to do for you as you continue to patiently teach and love me. I thank you and God for having you in my life, mind, body, and soul. Love you Papi, can’t wait to be together again.

  19. To my husband PJ. I’m sorry for hurting you for so long. I love you my King. Forever your Queen.

  20. This is Andres from Tucson Arizona I just wanted to say to Dominique faith that I’m so sorry for everything that I put you through and I’m not ashamed to show the world that I apologize I know I didn’t treat you as best as I could and I know I could treat you better after everything we’ve been through all I ask is for one chance I need is one I love you so much and Happy Valentines Day

  21. Theresa , I did you wrong. I’m sorry that I have to be so stupid all the time. When I’m not with you and when we separated I dont think about the consequences of my actions. I’m sorry I cant be home with you by your side but just know your in my heart and that your one of a kind in my eyes. I’m sorry and hope you the best of wishes for your future. I love you Theresa , bye .

  22. This is Shannon in Norman ok I wanna give a shout out to doughboy in oklahoma county I love u and always will call me soon

  23. I would Like to The Love Of My My Troy Carey , I’m Sorry For Everything An I pray One day we can get pass this An Make up ! i Love You No matter What !

  24. i want to say sorry to my ex and baby i love you and miss you and hope u come back

  25. i wanna tell the love of my life Adrianita in Tucson Az that every day since she has left my life hasn’t been the same and i still love her and miss her every day and i can’t wait for the day for her to cone back to me i miss my Boo and I’m not complete without her
    Love always your baby your pookie bear

  26. This is a different type of apology.
    This is an atypical request.
    Son, I tried by best with your Mom & Me.
    But sometimes more is really LESS.
    How could she steel Dad away from your life & you(my son) away from Me.
    I digress.
    I searched for you RJ 10 years now – NO Less
    & with my best, but to no definite resolve.
    Their are still puzzle pieces to solve.
    Are you in the Chi or South Beach or Sunny South LA.
    I won’t stop, can’t stop searching – NO WAY!
    God willing, my Love for my 1st, my only, my name bearing son will lead us together one fine day!
    Was I wrong? Was she wrong? Y’all are just gone…Who’s to say?
    I’m still home, where she left & took my toddler son (RJ) away.

    So there is a song about it that needs to play.
    Luther Vandross “Dance With My Father” OKay?

  27. I would like to say I am sorry to all of those who I love to know I am very sorry for everything I have done. I never meant to hurt you and I still love and care for you. I don’t expect you to forgive me but I hope one day you will. I miss all who was torn from me, from the childish mistakes I made. I apologize for every wrong I have made in my life. I love you all <3

  28. I would like to say Im sorry to my ex boyfriend Alex. I made a mistake and cheated on him which was very childish. I miss at times and just start crying. I really did love you and wish I go redo what I did. I still cate no matter what. Even though I know you hate me I still care. I just hope one day you will forgive me and we can be friends again or try us again.

  29. Eric I’m sorry I fight with you and say things I don’t mean but I truly do love you from the bottom of my heart and hope that I can make things right between us and we can be a family cause I want to love you forever and want to be with you forever. I love you baby!!!

  30. I would like to say Im Sorry to my old friend Kori , I Miss you and I am truly sorry for how things went down, wasnt honest and it was childish, i hope someday you forgive me. Still holding hope, Love you girl<3

  31. Dearest Lori, I’m writing to say how sorry I am that I’m sick and how that means we don’t have enough time now to get back to the us we used to be, because I wont be here. You were the love of my life. When we met we were nothing, but afterwards you became my Sun and I was your Moon. I am so lost going through this without you here. If I had known I was dying, I would have fought harder to keep you here by my side, so we wouldn’t have wasted one single minute that I have left apart. Please never forget me. I want you to live, love, and have happiness. I just never imagined it might be with someone else, without me. I wanted to grow old and spoil our future grandkids together. I’ll love you forever.

  32. 2ND part like I’ve heard It’s better to have love & lost to not have loved at all?! But forget all that I’d rather have u & lil daddie with me till the end of time!! I’d give anything to bable to have u both in my arms one more time!! I love u

  33. This goes out to the LOVE OF MY VIDA OPHELIa. I jus wanted to say I’m srry for everything that happened to us during the time we were together. Jus kno that I never meant it for us to be this way with one another.I’ve said it b4 n I’ll always say it u were and are the LOVE OF MY LIFE 4 EVER! I wish I could’ve made u happy but my attempts all fell short, so now I gotta sit bak & watch some other guy make u happy from a distance!! :/ I wish I would’ve done wat I needed to do Wen I was ur Man! I love u mamas & always will no matter wat people & u say u & ur son will always b apart of me no matter wat!! I love & miss u both tell my lil daddie I love him every night for me since I can’t b there to tell him myself! LOVE U BOTH ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!

  34. I love you jordan & I promise I will make up for all the things I messed up! I love you <3 see you tomorrow <3

  35. This is Vea from Anchorage, AK. I called in my apology tonight to the most incredible man in my life JJ. Baby I’m so sorry for all the drama spinning around us right now. I’m going to spend the rest of my life making it up to you. You are amazing and I love you more than words can express. Stay strong and keep your head up baby, we can get through this together. I can’t wait to see you again.

  36. Stephanie Billie

    Im soo sorry Alejandro Herrera. I messed up and would do n e thing 2 take it back. I love u unconditionally and Ive proved it many many times and Im askin 4 u 2 4give me this once. R u really ready and willing 2 throw away these 2yrs and move on?? I thought our relationship was stronger than that. I didnt cheat on u n wat I did isnt as bad as ur making it 2 be. I love u and thatll never change.

  37. Im so sorry Lauren. I messed up. Not having you in my life sucks. Please find it in your heart to forgive me baby girl </3 I'd call the apology line, but i get too nervous . if you could read this. I'd love you (:

  38. I want to apologize to Daisy for all the stress & heartache i put her thru. I never really told you how much i. Appreciate you but i wanna say it now. It might not change the way you feel about me or changer things now but i just wanted to say it. I still love u & i will always regardless of how things happened. I miss u & our son Jaylen & i hope u can forgive me one day. I love u & i hoope the best for you even if it means not being with me. Always & forever

  39. cory, i just wanted to say im sorry. we both messed up. we need eachother i am hurt about how things went down on friday but i still wanna be with yo and i want you to know that. i hope you see this and call me baby we had something special and im willing to have that again with you. im always gonna be your best friend “frank” wubb u baby <3

  40. im sorry chaylynn for everything i have done from the past until now i hope we can be friends until the end or even more in the futer. i would hate to let you leave my life.

  41. Monique Thompson

    Baby I love you and I am sorry for everything I love you I will always be here. I will be a phone call away.

  42. Monique Thompson

    I just want to say I apologize for everything that i said and did n the past. I will always love you. Please forgive me. I would do anything just to hear you say that i forgive you. Alice you are a beautiful woman who deserves the best. I wish you joy and happiness peace and love. May God’s arms keep you safe and your family too. Please forgive me.

  43. To Calvin Strong , I just want to start by saying Im sorry for every mistake I made , we then been through thick and thin with each other and i just dont want to loose you ! I love you so much <3

  44. Monique Thompson

    Alice baby, I just wanted to say that I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart baby that you are going through this. I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me and maybe we can fix it. I do miss you so much. It is killing me to know that you are in someone else’s arms and if given half a chance i would move heaven and earth just to be with you again. Maybe this time I or we can get it right. I love you infinity my love and i always will. I would wait for eternity just to be with you again. I want to make it right for us. I would give my life for you.You are my heart and soul. I would do anything to have you in my arms again. Love Monique Michelle Thompson

  45. I wanted to express my most unending sorrow and apology to my ex girlfriend Lauren. She made my life complete and perfect. but i made too many mistakes and I’m so sorry for it. I promise causing you pain was not my intention and i wish you would give me a chance to show you i have changed. My baby girl, my love, the angel of my life please understand you are all I’ll ever need. I wish i could prove it. I’m so so sorry </3

  46. I want apology to my girlfriend for everything that i did and said to you and i hope you take me back and i Really Love you so much

  47. Monique Thompson

    Alice I want to apologize for the way things went down. You know that i love you with all my heart and soul. You are my everything. My sexy thug, My brauma bull. I would do anything to have a second chance with you. I love you and miss you like a mug. I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I just want you to be happy and prosper well. May God bless you and your family. I love you always and forever.

  48. I’m sorry baby for how I did you wrong. You know tequila and I don’t go well together…I didn’t mean what I said. You know I luv u. You my diamond. I hope you take me back, but if u dnt, I understand…you deserve the best cuz you one in a million.


  50. Pablo Policroniades

    im sorry Ashley

  51. Pablo Policroniades

    Im sorry Ashley for everything ive done.. ive been thinking about u and i miss you… you the most amazing girl i ever had .. i love you

  52. Hi im bridgett from Austin TX I wanna apologize to Ashley Douglas from Austin tx for everything I put her through the past two years! I love & miss you so much! I hope you’ll forgive me! Your my life baby

  53. I wanna apologize to Ashley Douglas for everything I put her through the past two years! I love & miss you so much! I hope you’ll forgive me! Your my life baby

  54. To Chris in Bismark Nd.
    I dnt know how many times I hve to express my feelinhs to
    U im sorry for what i did im sorry. I know u still hve sum kind
    Of love or feelings for me. Jus wish u could foegive me. O luv
    Luv u with all my heart. Cant waiy to see u..

  55. I love you willow and just want you to k that even if your not happy with me I’m sorry and hope we can do what’s right for the best interest of Jr.

  56. Damn where do I start? I’m not quite sure myself. So I find myself asking how I could make such a mistake? I don’t know. But I know I was wrong on so many levels. I also know that you nay never forgive ne, but I must say what is on my heady and get this off chest. There isn’t a day or let alone a minute that goes by and your not on my mind. If I can control it, than I’m sure I would Choose not to have you on my mind. We been through so much. I thought we would be able to get through anything and overcome anything. Guess I was wrong. Well I want to say Chad .. Im sorry. I apologize. I love you </3

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