slow jam links


sunday nite slow jams on facebook
please like us…and we’ll like ya back!

magic 92.5 radio – san diego
listen live to one of the worl’d best radio stations for old school and r&b!

soul tracks
artist bios, cd reviews and music news for classic and modern soul

the greatest slow jam ever
interviews, photos and a top 10 list

ultimate funk & soul database
need I say mo’?

ralfi pagan tribute site
to say I love you…it’s the official website of ralfi pagan–forever in our hearts


the taco inspector
did you know R Dub’s second job is an undercover taco inspector?  yes it’s true!

my favorite burgers

my favorite burritos


my favorite vacation spot in brasil
only a few people know about this very special island

my brasil getaway
thought you might want to see my little crib in brasil…it’s where I escape when I need a break

recommended clients:

the king of business cards
great, cheap business cards…quick!


the red balloon
you are a tru o.g. if you remember watching red balloon in kindergarten

martin’s day
best movie ever

r dub’s book
I wrote a book for radio professionals who want to syndicate their show

more cool links coming soon…



  1. Love this slow jam night and damm the DJ is damm sexy and so soft sounding

  2. Tonight’s mystery slowjam was Superwoman by Karen white

  3. What was march 12th”s, (yesterday) • Mystery Slow Jam?
    Goin thru the motions? By who?

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