Santa Rosa, CA – More Slow Jams please!

Did you know that we do Slow Jams FIVE nights a week? Yes! We do Sunday Nite Slow Jams and ALSO, a nightly version from 10PM-12M, Monday -Thursday.

Want Slow Jams FIVE nights a week in Santa Rosa? It’s simple, just ask for it!

Please do the following:

1) E-mail the Program Director and tell him you want Slow Jams with R Dub! FIVE nights a week:

2) Ask for Slow Jams with R Dub! FIVE nights a week on their facebook page HERE!

3) Tell all your friends to do the same!

4) Call the radio station, ask for the Program Director, and tell him you want Slow Jams with R Dub! 5 nights a week! (707) 588-0707

5) Tell all your friends to do the same!

Let your voice be heard!


  1. Slow Jams needs to be on 5 nights a week on 100.9. Sunday nights are a terrible tease of a relaxing Slow Jams night. I need it to be there to take the stress away of my day, everyday. My days that don’t have Slow Jams, you wouldn’t like me very much, but I’m working on that. A year ago, on a sunday evening about 9:30 p. I turned on the house stereo,moving the dial, and ‘BOOM’ a old school jam, ‘You got the best of my love’, by T Connection was on. That took me to another time of my life that I needed to remember. I felt the stress of the day disappear. The jaw dropping shocker was no more until next sunday. I’ve been hoping and praying but that has not been successful, so I’m here. Please have Slow Jams 5 nights, you might just do some good in the world. It only takes one.

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