Top 10 Slow Jams about Kissing

Top 10 Slow Jams about Kissing
The kiss.  One of the most intimate and personal acts two people can engage in with their clothes on.  Some kisses are just casual and fun.  While some can last a lifetime.

R Dub! has put together his Top 10 list of songs about kissing and kisses.  Add your own picks, at the bottom.


#10 – Kelly Rowland / Kisses Down Low
What can be better than kisses up high?  Kisses down low, of course–ya naughty one!

#9 – R. Kelly / Whole Lotta Kisses
R. Kelly serves up our number nine pick, with what he does best–a sexy Slow Jam all about affection…and a whole lotta kisses.

#8 – Amanda Perez / Candy Kisses
Ft. Wayne Indiana’s Amanda Perez delivers a tasty treat with Candy Kisses…and these are calorie-free!

#7 – Blackstreet / Before I Let You Go
It’s the phrase that runs through every man’s mind at the end of a date with someone special: “Before I let you go, before I let you go…can I get a kiss goodnight?”

#6 – Manhattans / Kiss and Say Goodbye
Sometimes kisses mean goodbye.  🙁

#5 – Tracie Spencer / Tender Kisses
A tender 13 years of age when she recorded this, Tracie was (and still is) the definition of a sweetheart.  The innocence and purity in a Slow Jam like this is refreshing.

#4 – Total / Kissin’ You
Now it’s starting to get real good.  The song may be simple–but the music, lyrics and overall vibe will get you lost in lust with that special person you love to kiss.

#3 – Total / Kissin’ You (Oh Honey Remix)
Think of the original “Kissin’ You,” but this time on steroids.  Puff Daddy sprinkles some smoothness on this remix which samples the classic “Oh Honey” from Delegation.  Butter.

#2 – Hi-Five / I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)
The pure silk of Tony Thompson and the boys, mixed with that New Jack-esque production complete with xylophone and synths…this song is nothing short of a masterpiece.

#1 – Keith Washington / Kissing You
Choosing number one was easy.  While every song in the top 10 is a great song about kissing/kisses…Keith Washington captured it best, with one of the smoothest, sultriest Slow Jams ever made–that really “sounds” how kissing “feels.” Don’t cheat yourself…enjoy the album version with a dope piano solo intro that makes the song even more intense.

Now…let’s kiss.

What is your favorite “kissing” song(s)???

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