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-How it all began
It all started in my community college Spanish class.  Well, let me back up and let you know I’ve always held an interest in Latin America. Not sure why; maybe because growing up in L.A., Florida and Arizona, I always had a lot of friends who weren’t from the U.S. Whether from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatamala…their lifestyle was somewhat different from mine–from their language, to family, to the food on their table and the music their parents were playing on the record player. When I was really young (in grade school), I was almost “afraid” of it, but as the years went on, I began to appreciate it. So here I am, 21 years of age, taking Spanish in college so I could talk to this girl I liked from Mexico that didn’t know English. My teacher was the best teacher anyone could have–Mrs. Houston. Along with her amazing teaching style (that was so much fun you didn’t even realize how much you were learning), came her personal life stories. The one that forever changed my life was about her trip to Brasil. I don’t remember the exact details, but I do remember her passion for the country, and unknowingly, that day in class, I made an unconscious mental note to get to Brasil someday. I didn’t know it at the time, but that one story she told in class would change my life forever.

-Let’s Go!
I had started making a little bit of money in this radio thing and decided it was time for a trip. After I “Googled” Rio De Janeiro, it was over–Brasil WAS going to be my destination. I think it was these pics specifically that spoke to me–what do yo think?

I didn’t know much about Brasil at all–just the stories Mrs. Houston had told me, and a few amazing pictures on the internet, yet I was determined to experience Brasil now! I mean, seeing the pictures above, have you ever seen a more beautiful, magical place? I applied for my tourist Visa and the date was set…I’d leave December 12th 2002.

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