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Slow Jams 4 Kids – Help R Dub Bring Clean Water to this Village



So emotional! This is our THIRD well. Could I ask you to please watch the video, share it, and consider contributing to help me build this one? If every single listener helped just a little, we could build hundreds of these!The link to contribute is www.slowjams4kids.comThank you in advance, from the the bottom of my heart,R Dub!Sunday Night Slow Jams

Posted by Sunday Night Slow Jams on Thursday, April 11, 2019



I figured my first trip to Africa might be fun and allow me to stick some new pins on the map…but my first visit changed my life in ways that are hard to explain.

Never in my life have I felt so much unconditional love–from total strangers–than while walking through the villages of Africa. And every night as I settled in to my five-star hotel and checked my messages on my $800 iPhone, it just felt so wrong that the people I’d spent time with, just hours ago, were without a clean water source–one of the most basic necessities to live! But knowing I, along with my friends and listeners could change this, gave me hope.

If you’ve ever enjoyed my radio show, or attended one of my concerts, or won tickets from me on the radio…or if you’re a friend or colleague, or if we’ve ever done business together…whatever the case may be, I’m calling in a favor. I don’t care if it’s a buck, or $100; your contribution will mean so much to me, and will assure that the good folks of the Berbérati village in the Central African Republic have a clean water source.

This is our third well. My awesome Slow Jams listeners, friends and colleagues made our first happen in 2017 for the Nyakoi Akuoro Village and in 2018 for the Aminit Border Village. You can see the video below of the new wells in action. Now it’s time for well number three in Berbérati! This village is located deep within the Central African Republic and is more challenging than our two previous projects.

Please watch the video and check out the facts on the village and my campaign below. And most importantly, would you please share our Facebook video? A share has the power to save a life.

And thanks in advance,



R Dub!
Sunday Night Slow Jams


Special thanks to Benztown for being a generous partner and supporter for R Dub’s Slow Jams 4 Kids.

Benztown is a leading international radio imaging, production library, programming, jingles and voiceover services company with over 1900 affiliations on six continents. Benztown is the official syndication company and distributor of Sunday Night Slow Jams and Slow Jams with R Dub!  

About this campaign…

This is what they drink now.

 To raise  funds, R Dub and Sunday Night Slow Jams is partnering with Water for Good to build a well in the village of Berbérati. Each donation will reach the people of the Central African Republic with safe and reliable water.

We’ll provide updates and reports from the field.  Locally trained technicians maintain the flow of clean water in all of Water for Good’s wells, year after year, visiting the community (like Beberati) long after campaigns are over.

Through your gift, hope is being restored as dignity, health, joy and love flow out of your generosity and into the life of every man, woman and child living in Berbérati.  In addition, the well will be open to the surrounding villages as well. Thanks to you, they too will reap the many benefits of safe and clean water.



1.The source is located 3km away. The villagers have to trek for all this distance looking for unsafe water.

2. During dry spells, the water dries-up.

3. Rampant fights and abuses at the current source when the amount of water reduces.

4. Regular sharing of the same source with animals.

5. It’s a habitat for mosquitoes.

6. Due to the turbidity of water, the waterborne diseases like Typhoid and Cholera have been registered.


1.Berbérati and the neighboring villages..

Through faith and his grace, May he see you through as you think of saving the men, women and children of Berbérati.



I will never be able to put into words the feeling, of after flying 10,000 miles, and then driving for eight hours until the roads ended and turned to dirt, THEN driving another hour, to finally reach THIS…

An ENTIRE VILLAGE–hundreds of people, from babies to elders–all waiting for us, with signs, banners, music, smiles, and most importantly LOVE. There are no words.

I explained to the village that the well was not my doing, but a gift from YOU. They wanted me to tell you how thankful they are and that they love you!

Here is the FULL video:

And here is our second well:

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