I Love Tucson…I’ll Be Back Soon!

It is with mixed emotions, that I must inform you that after being a part of Hot 98.3FM (Clear Channel Radio) since 1995, the station has removed Sunday Night Slow Jams and the weeknight Slow Jams show from their programming lineup.

I have nothing but love for everyone at Hot 98.3FM and would like to thank them for having me on their airwaves for over 20 years–it’s been an honor and wonderful experience to be on their team.  And I’ve got nothin’ but love for those guys–they are all fabulous people there and I consider them family.

So where next?  I will be announcing your NEW HOME for Sunday Night Slow Jams in the coming days!

Please fill out the form below to be notified first.  I will personally send you updates and let you know where you can hear Sunday Night Slow Jams in Tucson, as well as keep you updated on our Slow Jams LIVE! concerts, which will continue to come to Tucson every year.

Please know how much love I have, deep in my heart, for my home–Tucson, AZ.  We’ll Slow Jam together soon.  520 for life.

Yours truly, R Dub!



P.S.  In the meantime, you can still hear Sunday Night Slow Jams, our weeknight Slow Jams, and our 24-hour all Slow Jams channel HERE.  We’re proudly heard on 108 fine radio stations across America and around the world and invite you to listen to our 24-hour all Slow Jams channel on iHeart Radio!

Find out where to hear Sunday Night Slow Jams in Tucson:

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