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Like the hot ex-girlfriend that dumped you, I tried my best to put Brasil out of my mind. In fact, I even told myself that I would never go back. What for? It was fun to visit, but always broke my heart when I had to leave after a week. Why set myself up for disappointment? But just like that hot ex-girlfriend who you eventually drunk-dial at 3AM in the morning after the club, I couldn’t resist coming back to Brasil again. Like clock-work, the exact amount of time had passed, and I couldn’t help but purchase another ticket for December. But this time the voices in my head gave me another direction…

It had always been a pie in the sky dream for me to start a Hip-Hop radio station in Mexico, or an even crazier dream–Brasil. I had started up stations here in the states, and those experiences were priceless. Building a great radio station from scratch in a city lacking good music is always neat, and a task I’d been fortunate to take on a couple times in my career. What I thought would be absolutely amazing would be to bring the hip-hop format to a market in Mexico, but just never got around to “doing” anything about it. Then it struck me–why not Brasil?

I got to work on my idea and spent weeks putting together a web presentation. I enrolled in português again at Pima college and started building this crazy dream of doing radio in Brasil. About a month went by when I realized that not having any experience in Brasilian radio, nor knowing the português language fluently would be a huge hurdle for me–I realized that a company who didn’t even know me would probably not just “hand over” their radio station to me for me to do whatever I wanted with it–not to mention, even if they did, the wages in Brasil were much lower than those in America, and it would be hard for me to live comfortably. The dream had almost ended…

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