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-A ilha (the island)…
On the third day, I boarded a plane from São Paulo to Recife, changed planes there and flew to an absolute heavenly paradise called Fernando De Noronha. Few people outside of Brasil have ever heard of this place, and we should keep it that way, but I will share it with you.

Fernando De Noronha is the definition of a “real” island. My facts might not be 100% accurate, but I believe the island is something like only seven miles long! They have only one main paved road, the rest tiny dirt and sand paths. Gosh, where do I start? I get excited just typing this!!! You rent a buggy when you get there and can stay in a posada.  There is no McDonald’s or Wal-Mart…a few tiny stores and some neat little restaurants. The beaches are unbelievable. There are about 15 or 20 different beaches I think. You need a map to find them all. And when you get to each beach, there is either only a few people there, or no people at all! One beach you have to hike though the woods and scale a small cliff with a rope to get to. Another beach’s only access is down a ladder though two stories of volcanic rock. And the water…oooohhhhh, the water! Crystal clear and warm, and full of the most colorful fish you ever seen. I even swam with a big turtle for twenty minutes. The island is also known for its “spinning dolphins” that I believe only live in that part of the world.

Just like the “friends” portion of my little Brasil website, I could write pages and pages about Fernando De Noronha. It felt so much like an “un-touched” piece of paradise. By the way, the whole island is a state park–and the number of visitors are limited. That’s probably why the place is so incredible. Don’t forget to check out my Brasil PICTURES page to see more about the island, and you can check their website HERE. If you get a chance, GO!!!

That week ended way too quick. Before I know it, I was back on the plane, heading home to America. (tear)

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