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-Eu tenho saudade do Brasil (I miss Brasil)
My plane ride back to São Paulo from the island was the best flight I have ever had in my life. I was aboard a Brasilian airline, and let me tell you, they do it big!!! It was a HUGE 767, that was almost empty, so the first thing they did is move EVERYBODY up to first class–how cool is that??? Not business class, but this was an ultra pimped-out FIRST, FIRST, FIRST class section. I swear, our seats were bigger than LA-Z Boy chairs! As we flew into the sunset, the golden light from the sun bounced off the clouds and into the plane’s cabin, while I had my feet up, sipping agua de coco, listening to Tom Jobim and Frank Sinatra in the headphones. By the way, every flight attendant working for the domestic Brasilian airlines are model-quality. The airlines there, I think are old-school–meaning flight attendants in Brasil are required to be hot–a regulation that went away long ago in the U.S., as soon as political correctness took over.

Anyway, back to the where I was going (concentrate Dub!), on this flight back, as I took a minute to “soak everything in,” I realized just how special Brasil was to me. Everything–not just the pretty girls–but the people, the music, the language, the food, the EVERYTHING! Your second time is usually never as good as the first, but this second trip to Brasil took the cake.

As I walked through the São Paulo airport on my way to my returning flight to the U.S. I was almost in tears. Sounds silly, but I did NOT want to go home. I felt I was leaving my best friend. I realized that a part of me dies everytime I leave Brasil.

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