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No fire drill
Funny thing was, I had rehearsed this scene a million times in my head and memorized my lines. Only a fool would think that a job like this in L.A. would last forever. I knew this position was never guaranteed. I graciously and sincerely thanked my General Manager for two wonderful years in Los Angeles, and explained that the whole experience was a dream come true to me. And that I appreciated every day. And it was the truth. I did.

I had an amazing run at Hot 92.3. I was fortunate enough to work with some of the people in the industry that I grew up listening to–my idols…some of the most talented people in the business. I met so many superstars in the building on a weekly, sometimes daily basis–from Usher, to Mariah Carey, to some of my personal favorites like Al Jarreau…heck, I got to HIRE Al B. Sure! to work for ME–I used to write him fan letters when I was a teen! Then there were the staff meetings downstairs at Morton’s Steakhouse. I worked out every morning at the gym below the office. I truly could say “I lived the life.” And I savored every day. Every single day.

But now, here I was, saying my goodbyes. Truth is, even though I absolutely adored working at Hot 92.3/Los Angeles, I often dreamed of Brasil. I traveled back to Recife FOUR times in 2007 alone! Often I would sit at my desk in my big office and close my eyes with visions of Brasil. As much as I didn’t want to leave L.A., half of me really was ready to go. I knew that when the day came that I had to go, I would be just as happy about it as I would be sad. Happy to finally reach the dream that I was once so close to, and worked so hard for. I knew I belonged there. And tonight the final boarding call arrived.

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