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the story l fotos l coisas interessantes

Now boarding all rows all passengers
As luck would have it, I just so happened to have had a flight out to Brasil that same very night. For vacation–or so I thought. Nope, this time it would be to live.

It’s 10:35PM on a Thursday night as I finally close this long story. As I type away in my new studio, bossa nova music playing, windows open, sea breeze coming in, and the sound of the waves crashing–I smile. Oh, and the apartment…I own it now. Not only was Los Angeles a great experience for all I learned and the life long friendships I made; but with the money I made there, I was able to buy the apartment in Recife that I was so in love with–something I would’ve never been able to do if I had made the move here two years ago.

You see, things really do work out for a reason.





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