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not meant to be…yet
Much time has passed since the previous page was written (I last stopped writing the story weeks before my final departure to Brasil). As I write this page, it is Thursday, May 31st 2007 at 8:50PM. I am listening to beautiful Brasilian Bossa-Nova music in my apartment…in Los Angeles. I’m not in Brasil. Let me explain.

After returning from Recife to the U.S., I gave my resignation at work. After 10 years with the radio station, I said goodbye. Most people were happy for me…some couldn’t believe I was actually “moving” to Brasil. It was bitter sweet. I got busier than ever preparing for the final move. There was lots to do.

Then, out of nowhere, my favorite radio station in the whole world, Hot 92 Jamz in Los Angeles had the most incredible job opening that I could not say no to. Their Program Director (the boss) has resigned and they needed a new PD. Not to bore you with radio-industry info, but in radio, the goal is to work in the biggest city (market) as possible. Most spend their entire career moving market to market, with hopes to one day work in the majors (Houston, Philly, Dallas, etc.) Few make it to the top cities. Even fewer make it to the biggest three–New York, L.A. or Chicago. If you do, you’ve made it.

Normally to get to L.A., you would have needed to work in some big markets previously–a jump from Tucson direct to Los Angeles would be nearly impossible. But I had to raise my hand for the job. Not only was it L.A, but it was a station I have watched and admired for years. I knew I wouldn’t get the job, but I would’ve wondered “what if” my whole life if I hadn’t of at least asked.

Fast forward three weeks, and two sweaty-palmed nervous as hell interviews, I got the job. It was a miracle. In this business, you can’t say no to L.A. You just can’t. I knew Brasil would still be there tomorrow…an opportunity in L.A. wouldn’t.

I still had my ticket to Brasil (so did my mom, she was going to help me move), so before I started my new job, we enjoyed ten days in Recife. It was more amazing than ever, and Mom finally understood my undying love for this far away land.

Today, I’m working my ass off in one of the most competitive markets in the world, and enjoying myself at Hot 92.3 in Los Angeles. But with a place in Brasil (my lease was for a full year), visions in my head, and dreams in my heart, I smile knowing one day I will be back in Brasil…for good. Até mais (until next time).

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