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Now let’s have some fun!
I spent all this time working on getting my visa to live in Brasil, and I was so worried I wouldn’t find a place. Not only did I find a place–I found THE place! I was ecstatic to say the least. Holy crap, I was going to live on Brasil!

After spending five days working my ass off to find an apartment, now I could finally have some fun! The next few days I took in the sights, went to the beach, saw lots of great live music, and enjoyed wonderful food. One of the highlights of the trip was going to a real-live Brasilian wedding (casamento), and kickin’ back with some O.G. senior citizens at a backyard get-together, complete with Brasilian beer and seafood. I made some great friendships during my week in Recife. The people I met welcomed me into their home like I was part of their family. I loved this place, and this third trip to Brasil only re-enforced my belief that I belonged here.

It was almost time to return home. I didn’t want to go. Even though I knew I’d return to Recife in February to live, I wanted to stay right where I was. Now, having a place, and good friends, made it even tougher to leave.

Sunday afternoon I took my suitcases (empty, ’cause I left all my clothes in my new apartment, to wear when I returned), and made my way to the airport. It was another sad flight home–but inside I was smiling because I knew I’d return soon…this time to stay.

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