1. johnsondarlene229

    Hi I listen to slow james my husband does to butt i just wonder why he does not RECEIVE MY ORAL expressions and my dedication to songs i been doind it every day dor Five months and more Any way Thanks for having me God Bless

  2. R Dub, I would like to thank you for keeping me and my love Jose DeLaRiva connected through slow jams. May God keep blessing you!

  3. Tonight is my first sleepless night & I’m hooked on The Beat Slow Jams (Austin,Tx). Keep it coming.

  4. Wanted to thank you for getting us in the after party at the concert in Albuquerque. We are your faithful listeners from Amarillo, Tx that drove up there to see your concert. All of us who were there was Steven and Monica Olivarez and Keith and Michelle Smith. Thank you again, we had a blast!!

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