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Snoop Dogg California Roll

It’s a special occasion and a rare event when Snoop drops a Slow Jam, and I’m super excited about this one.

The last Snoop joint we added to the Sunday Night Slow Jams playlist was a special Slow Jams mix of “Sensual Seduction,” and that was years ago!  So imagine our sheer delight when we first heard this one.  Columbia Records gave us “California Roll” about ten days before it was released to radio, and we had to sign a contract to keep it under wraps until its release date of May 5th.  I couldn’t wait to drop it on air.

And this all makes sense.  I mean, Snoop…he’s the definition of smooth.  Why hasn’t he released more smooth grooves like this?  Some of the best rappers’ greatest materials are Slow Jams: LL Cool J, Mellow Man Ace…have you checked out some of DJ Quik’s Slow Jam-esque album cuts.  Wow!  I just hope there’s more to come like this from Snoop.

Enjoy California Roll on Sunday Night Slow Jams, our weeknight Slow Jams show, and on our 24-hour All-Slow Jams iHeart Radio Channel.


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