Samarinda, Borneo: 101.1 Mahakam Radio Sundays 8PM-12M

Samarinda Slow Jams with R Dub!

Alexander Bofill, staff writer

Samarinda, Borneo, Indonesia: 101.1 Mahakam Radio is just the latest international radio station to add Sunday Night Slow Jams to their weekend lineup, harnessing the power of R Dub! to draw increased TSL and cume to their weekend arsenal.

Mahakam Radio is one of over 200 radio stations worldwide who dedicate their Sunday nights to serving their listeners with love and a hearty dose of R Dub!, who keeps friends and families connected each week with special dedications and requests. 

Fusion Radio Network‘s Southeast Asia Affiliate Director Ricky Hermawan  said, “We are so excited to welcome R Dub! and Sunday Night Slow Jams to Mahakam radio in Samarinda. We are only at the very beginning stages of developing Indonesia’s number one Sunday night radio show. Sunday Night Slow Jams is huge around the world, and will be massive here in Indonesia.”

Mahakam Radio joins hundreds of radio stations who are rushing to lock down America’s #1 rated weekend show this year, as the company’s syndicator, Benztown Radio Networks, continues to lock down market after market.

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“The word is out,” said Mark Wilson, VP of Affiliate Relations for Fusion Radio Networks, a Benztown partner. “Sunday Night Slow Jams is landing in every market and the station that has it wins. End of story.”

And Wilson’s words come with merit, as double-digit shares continue to pour in, book after book, for the popular weekend dedication show.

R Dub!, host and creator of Sunday Night Slow Jams said, “Indonesia is one of my favorite countries in the entire world. What an amazing place. The country’s beauty is only matched by its people, who are some of the best humans on earth. Indonesia lives in my heart.”

Sunday Night Slow Jams connects with listeners unlike any other program I’ve heard.” said Dave “Chachi” Denes, president of Benztown Radio Networks. “Their passion and engagement transcends to incredible ratings.”

Sunday Night Slow Jams airs Sunday nights from 8pm til 12m Sunday nights on 101.1 Mahakam Radio. You can listen live and find out more about Mahakam Radio HERE.

See a list of the nearly 200 current Sunday Night Slow Jams affiliates HERE.

>>> RELATED: “It was all  Dream!” The Story of Sunday Night Slow Jams <<<

About R Dub!

Host, producer and creator of Sunday Night Slow Jams®, R Dub! started the show when he was just 16 years old, at a tiny AM radio station in the middle of the desert. Today, Sunday Night Slow Jams is heard on over 200 radio stations in 14 countries. When he's not Slow Jammin' stateside, R Dub! can probably be found on an airplane headed to a country you haven't heard of. R Dub! is one of the few people in the world who has traveled to every single country on the planet. Read R Dub!'s full story HERE.

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