Lisa St. Regis

Lisa St. Regis 4 10AM – 2PM
I’ve always loved music. When I was little I used to tape my favorite songs off the radio and played them for anyone who would listen. In 1987, I got my first job on the air. Two years later I got my big break at KMEL in San Francisco.
I am especially proud of the work we did to bring awareness to the Stop the Violence movement.
My favorite part about being on the air is playing dedications. I love to help create memories. 

My greatest joy is my son. I can’t believe how fast he has grown already!

People who have inspired me: Rev. Cecil Williams by his work in the community and his ability to bring people together. My high school drama teacher, Dave Motroni who gave me a safe place to make mistakes.

Trivial facts about my high school days…
-I knew all of the words to “Roxanne , Roxanne”
-I saw Purple Rain at least once a week while it was in the theaters
-I was voted Most Dramatic in my senior class (I’m still wishing for that Academy/Tony award any day now…)



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llllll FAVORITE…
4Slow Jam:  
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