Coisas Interessantes – Where’s a Best Buy when you need one?

-Where’s a Best Buy when you need one?

One of the biggest shockers to me happened on my third trip to Brasil when I got my apartment to live and had to by furnishings, and that was the price of electronics. Let me put it to you this way–horrible selection and sky high prices. The average cost of a 29 inch TV is 400 to 500 dollars, where we could get one in the US for 199 to 300 bucks. Tiny 14 inch TVs are 100 to 200 dollars, while in the US a TV that size can be bought at the supermarket for 39 bucks. Don’t even get me started on DVD players–cheapest ones start at 150 dollars for the swap meet looking ones. Oh, and the cheap plastic stereo systems you can get at Wal-Mart for 150 are luxury items here, costing 250 to 600 bucks! It’s a fair trade-off for me though–my two bedrooom apartment overlooking the beach on the 23rd floor of a luxury building costs just 750 a month. Word to your mother.

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