Coisas Interessantes – What a Shock!

4What a shock! Whatever you do, don’t ever plug in an American appliance in Brasil.  It’ll get fried for sure, possibly shock you and maybe ’cause a fire and kill you.  Okay, maybe not all that, but it will break your appliance.  The US’s outlets put out 110 volts of electricity, Brasil’s, a powerful 220 volts.  Why all countries aren’t standard I don’t know.  If you’re set on plugging in your Ron-Co food dehydrator from home in Brasil, you can by a voltage transformer for 50 bucks that will convert the power for you.  Please trust me on this!
(added note 02/01/07: my português teacher tells me that in Rio and São Paulo, voltage is 110V, same as the U.S.)

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