Coisas Interessantes – Bip! Bip!

-Bip! Bip!
You really understand how wasteful we Americans can be when you see what Brasileiros drive. 99 percent roll around in these tiny two-door hatchbacks. I mean almost everyone who drives has one of these. I don’t know how anyone in Brasil finds their car at the mall parking lot, because they all look the same! As far as big bulky cars and SUVs in Brasil–they’re almost non-existent. Being in Brasil for awhile, you realize how you don’t really need that big fancy car you drive back home (I’m guilty of rollin’ the grand daddy of all SUVs, the Infiniti QX56). You don’t need a pimped out ride here to be cool (I’ve yet to see a car rollin’ on anything but stock wheels–no 24″s here!!!) Shoot, if you can roll a Ford Focus here, you’re lookin’ like the mayor!

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