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call in your oral expression

  You may call to make a request or Oral Expression anytime:  1-877-209-0631. Outside the USA call: 1-882-209-0631 (international toll charges apply; not a free call) Email us your Expression HERE.

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email your oral expression

You can call us too, anytime: 1-877-209-0631. We’d love to speak to you live, but if you get voicemail, you can record your Oral Expression! Haven’t heard your Oral Expression? Please CLICK HERE for some tips on how to get your message on the show!

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listen / find a station

Sunday Night Slow Jams® Radio Stations: Please support your local radio station by listening to Sunday Night Slow Jams® on your city’s radio station: Please scroll down to find the radio station that airs Sunday Night Slow Jams® in your area. ***No station in your area??? CLICK HERE TO REQUEST …

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