Win a trip to Brasil with R Dub!

Pack your bags!  You and a friend will join R Dub! in Brasil!

First stop, Rio De Janeiro!  You’ll see Cristo Retendor, take a cable car to Sugar Loaf Mountain, and sip agua de coco on Ipanema Beach.

Then, Salvador, Bahia–where you’ll explore the historic and colorful neighborhood of Pelourinho, take a ride down the famous Lacerda Elevator, eat Acarajé and sample other local fare, and learn to surf with locals.

Then it’s off to Recife, Pernambuco, the heart of the country’s Northeast region.  Enjoy a sunset boat trip down the canals of the city they call “The Brasilian Venice.”  You’ll take a Portuguese class on the beach and attend an authentic “feijoada” at a Brasilian family’s home.

We saved the best for last…Jet off to the tiny island of Fernando De Noronha.  Travel in dune buggies (no paved roads here!), take a special boat tour to see rare “spinner” dolphins, and discover some of the island’s 21 sacred (and almost secret) beaches.

It’s Easy To Play!

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2. Check your email for your official Slow Jams Contest Code.

3. Visit Sunday Night Slow Jams on Facebook each weekday for your Contest Code. A new code is released each day. When yours is chosen, you win!

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