Top Ten Slow Jams about Cheating

Top ten songs for cheaters

Though cheating is wrong, and can cause immense hurt and emotional distress to all parties involved, we’re not here to pass judgment…just here to pass on Slow Jams!  Here are the Top 10 Slow Jams about cheating, according to R Dub!

#10 R. Kelly feat. Mr. Biggs – Down Low
R. Kelly and Ron Isley on the track together—doesn’t get much better than that.  Kells and Mr. Biggs play out the scene of a player getting busted by husband who comes home just a little too early.


#9 Keith Sweat – Knew That You Were Cheating
This rare Keith Sweat classic from his I’ll Give All My Love To You album was sorely underrated but one of Keith’s best performances.  Opening up his heart like no other R&B singer can do, Keith claims he knew it all along—he knew that you’re cheating.


#8 Dru Hill – In My Bed
It’s a modern day 3 Bears story.  Though this time it’s not porridge that’s being eaten.  Make sure to watch the whole video for a surprising end that will make you giggle and say daaaaaaaaamn.


#7 Mokenstef – He’s Mine
The classic script of the full-time woman explaining to the mistress that she’s nothing more than a floozie.  You may have had him once, but she has him all the time.


#6 Billy Paul – Me & Mrs. Jones
We go old school for song number four, in a tale of what it’s like to date an older woman…who just happens to have a husband.  Unlike R. Kelly’s Down Low, this one leaves more to the imagination—instead of meeting in the bedroom, it’s the corner café.  The rest is left to you imagination.


#5 Usher – Confessions Part II
Talk about a dream team of producers: Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam, Jermaine Dupri and Lil’ Jon?  Two of the worst repercussions of cheating—besides breaking hearts—is an STD or pregnancy.  Usher gets caught up in the latter, as he tells the tale of his infidelity and ultimate demise as he finds out that the woman he is cheating with is having his baby.


#4 Stevie Wonder and/or Jodeci – Lately
While no one can duplicate Stevie, Jodeci sure does a respectable rendition of this 19XX classic.  The feeling of hearing your lover whisper someone else’s name in their sleep—yeah, that’s a tough pill to swallow.


#3 Shirley Murdock – As We Lay
While most “cheating” Slow Jams are talking about the before (sex) and after (getting caught) Shirley Murdock sings about the in-between: waking up in the morning…after the sex, before getting caught.


#2 Atlantic Starr – Secret Lovers
A song so big, it was featured in this T-Mobile commercial…awesome!


#1 Xscape – My Little Secret
The last official single from the group, before they disbanded, his cheater’s classic comes from the mistress’s point of view.  She knows the man she’s messing with has a woman, and doesn’t seem to mind!



Honorable mentions…


R. Kelly – Trapped In The Closet
How can you not give it up for a 33-chapter song/video/soap opera set off by a cheating wife and her one night stand who gets “trapped in the closet” upon a husband’s return home?


Kumbia Kings – You Don’t Love Me
This highly underrated cheater’s track is a favorite on Sunday Night Slow Jams, describing the hurt from the guy’s point of view, when he finds out the girl he loves really doesn’t love him.


Keyshia Cole – I Should’ve Cheated
How many times have you had the opportunity to cheat, but didn’t—only because you really loved and believed the person you were with…only to later find out they were playing you!  Should you have cheated all along?  Keyshia Cole says yes!  DOWNLOAD ON iTUNES


Whitney Houston – Saving All My Love For You
Our beloved Whitney really knows how to stir up emotions to an all too common scenario—being madly in love with someone who has someone else; as she sings about stolen moments and heartbreaking realities.


Shirley Brown – Woman to Woman
And finally, what happens when the wife confronts the mistress with a phone call?  Find out here:

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