Top 10 Slow Jams Albums of All Time!

Often people ask me what my favorite Slow Jam or Slow Jam CD is, and it’s always a tough question, because there are so many great Slow Jams and great Slow Jam CD’s.  So I decided to sit down and come up with my very own Top 10 Slow Jams CD’s Of All Time list.  So here it is!  Hopefully some of these are your favorites too, or maybe there are some CD’s here that you’ve never listened to and you can find some enjoyment finding them and checking them out for the first time.  By the way, if you don’t see your favorite Slow Jams CD, you’ll have a chance to post your very own list below!  Enjoy.


  #1 Jodeci “Forever My Lady”  download now!
Released in the summer of 1991, Jodeci’s debut CD changed R&B forever! From the classic Come & Talk To Me, to the sultry Stay, from the sentimental I’m Still Waiting, to the title track everyone knows by heart, Forever My Lady, it’s no wonder why this CD is #1 of my list. No lie–this CD has been in my bedroom CD player since the summer it was released…I’ve never taken the disc out of the player, and for good reason–seems everytime I press play on that machine and Jodeci kicks in, good things always seem to happen. Thanks Jodeci!
    #2 Boyz II Men “Cooleyhighharmony”  download now!
Coming in at a very close 2nd place, Boyz II Men’s debut CD had the same effect as Jodeci’s. The CD was full of quality Slow Jams, from tear-jerkers like It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye, and Lonely Heart, to straight up sexed-out pieces like Uhh Ahh. Some of favorite Slow Jams on the CD include Please Don’t Go, Your Love, This Is My Heart, and Little Things. Another CD that has seen many a hot nights of play in my CD player, this was a disc that if could talk, I’d be in trouble. It’s ashame the Boyz’ follow-up albums didn’t follow suit.
    #3 Al B. Sure! “Sexy Versus”
A huge fan of Al’s first two CD’s, I was actually disappointed the very first few times I listened to his third project. However it wasn’t long that I grew to love this album, kind of like a great pair of shoes that just has to be broken in. Al hits every end of the spectrum on this one, with sexafied joints like Right Now, and Natalie, to songs about troubles in relationships like Playing Games, and I’ll Never Hurt You Again. Coincidentally, I bought this CD at the exact same time I was going through a breakup with my first love (you know how that can be), and I felt Al was speaking to me!
  #4 Al B. Sure! “Private Times…And The Whole 9!”
Al and super Nu-Jack producer Kyle West kill it on Al’s sophomore release. Private Times focuses on those special times with that special woman…and the special things that happen! From Touch You, to No Matter What You Do (with Diana Ross), to I Want To Know, this CD puts you in a trance that is hard to get out of. And who except Al B. can bring justice to the Eagle’s classic, Hotel California? Some say I’m crazy, but Al’s version is better than the original in many ways. He takes you there. You can even smell the colitas rising up through the air! Extra props goes to whoever did the CD’s artwork; real smooth!
    #5 Surface “3 Deep” download now!
Bernard Jackson, David “Pic” Conley, and David Townsend hit their peak with their third effort called 3 Deep. They were one of the few (if only) artists to have a song go #1 on all three charts–Pop, R&B, and Adult, with their monster ballad from 1991, The First Time. The album was one of the smoothest, laid back, and beautiful works ever. Surface shelved any “sex-talk,” and instead did what they did best–sing about love and the magic of just being with someone special. Give Her Your Love, All I Want Is You and You’re The One are some of the album’s many highlights.
    #6 Al B. Sure “In Effect Mode”  download now!
With as many great up-tempo joints as Slow Jams, this 1988 release will go down as one of the best albums of all-time, aside from the “Slow Jams” genre. Al’s original style and innovative delivery was born with Effect Mode. The CD boasts one of the most popular, and definitely one of my favorite Slow Jams, the infamous Nite And Day, that today is still one of the biggest. Other amazing pieces include the seductive Oooh This Love Is So, Naturally Mine, and a great remake of Roberta Flack’s Killing Me Softly. In fact, as I write this review, I wonder if I should have bumped this one up somewhere on the Top 3. It’s thatgood!
    #7 Johnny Gill “Johnny Gill”  download now!
Breaking away from New Edition, this solo effort was his biggest. Who can forget one of 1990’s biggest Slow Jams, My, My, My, dedicated to a sexy woman when she’s all fixed up, ready to go out. My favorite on the disc was, without a doubt, Just Another Lonely Night–a song about being all alone at home thinking of that special person you’re not with. Lady Dujour, Feels So Much Better, and Let’s Spend The Night are other great songs on the slow tip. Although it might have your head bobbin’ just a little too much to call a Slow Jam, Wrap My Body Tight, is amazing. The hard to find remix is even better!
    #8 Mint Condition “Meant To Be Mint”  download now!
Although the album is mainly consisted of funky, up-tempo, electric guitar-filled faster songs, the three Slow Jams on this disc are so impeccable, Mint’s debut CD deserved a spot on my Top 10. Going down as one of the most amazing works of all time, Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) became a favorite of mine the very first time I heard it on the radio. Mint Condition’s innovative instrumentation along with Stokley’s umistakable vocals made them one of the hottest R&B groups of the 90’s. Other great Slow Jams on the album included Forever In You Eyes and Single To Mingle.
    #9 Keith Washington “Make Time For Love” download!
I first got into KW when I was just 13 and heard his first single, Kissing You, on the radio. One of the sultriest Slow Jams of all time, Kissing You put Keith on the map, with its intimate lyrics, mature vocals, and sultry background singers. Keith’s debut CD, Make Time for Love, is filled with many other smooth Slow Jams–some of my favorites include Closer, Lovers After All, and All Night, featuring Keith singing along with a hot Spanish guitar piece! My first girlfriend and I listened to Keith together in high school. Everytime I would hit “play” and the first song started up, she knew what time it was, if you know what I mean!
  #10 Michel’le “Michel’le”  download now!
It was tough picking the last CD for my Top 10 list, because there were so many others, but I had to give it up to Michel’le for putting down some of the best Slow Jams ever on her first CD. From Something In My Heart, to If?, Silly Love Song, and Close To Me, Michel’le’s debut CD was a Slow Jam goldmine!


Honorable mentions (CD’s that almost made my Top 10):

Tony! Toni! Tone’! The Revival  The Revival
H-Town  Beggin’ After Dark
Bell Biv Devoe Poison  Lost In Love - The Best of Slow Jams
Smoove Smoove With A Ruffness
Troop Attitude  Attitude
Keith Sweat I’ll Give All My Love To You  I'll Give All My Love to You

Your favorites?

Remember, these are just my favorites.  I’m sure you have your own list of favorite Slow Jam CD’s.  I listened to these Slow Jams during special times that molded my life.  Slow Jams are personal–we’ve all had different lives, different experiences, and listened to different music during special times.  What are your all-time favorite top 10 Slow Jams CD’s?  I’d love for you to share them with us.  You can e-mail your list here.  Don’t forget the title and artist of the album, and please include your name and city and state!

Listeners’ picks:



Margie Vee – Los Angeles, CA

1.    Keith Sweat  Make It Last Forever
2.    Jodeci  Forever My Lady
3.    R. Kelly  12 Play
4.    Al B. Sure!  In Effect Mode
5.    Atlantic Starr  All In The Name Of Love
6.    Anita Baker  Rapture
7.    Atlantic Starr  Radiant
8.    Teena Marie  Greatest Hits
9.    Various Artists  Boomerang Soundtrack
10. Janet Jackson  Janet

Adrian Acevedo – Aurora, CO:

1.  Luther Vandross  The Ultimate Luther Vandross  DOWNLOAD NOW



2.  Marvin Gaye  The Master  DOWNLOAD NOW

3.  Jodeci  Back To The Future The Very Best of Jodeci  DOWNLOAD NOW

4.  Zapp & Roger  All The Greatest Hits  DOWNLOAD NOW

5.  Keith Sweat  The Best Of Keith Sweat  DOWNLOAD NOW

6.  Cherrelle  Greatest Hits  DOWNLOAD NOW

7.  DeBarge  The Ultimate Collection  DOWNLOAD NOW

8.  various artists  Old School Love Songs – Volume 1

9.  various artists  Old School Love Songs – Volume 2
10. Teena Marie  Lovergirl: The Teena Marie Story  DOWNLOAD NOW

Kisha Lester – Charleston, WV

1.   Guy  The Future
2.   Jodeci  Diary Of A Mad Band
3.   Al B. Sure! 
In Effect Mode
4.   Al B. Sure! 
Sexy Vs.
5.   R. Kelly  12 Play
6.   Jodeci  Forever My Lady
7.   Brownstone  From The Bottom Up
8.   Changing Faces  Changing Faces
9.   Zhané  Zhané
10. Dru Hill  Dru Hill

Paris – St. Louis, MO



1.   Al B. Sure!  Sexy Versus
2.   Al B. Sure!  Private Times…and the Whole 9!
3.   Al B. Sure!  In Effect Mode
4.   Bobby Valentino   Bobby Valentino
5.   R. Kelly  12 Play
6.   Boyz II Men  Cooleyhighharmoney
7.   Jodeci  Back to the Future The Very Best
8.   Melvin Riley  Ghetto Love
9.   Trey Songz  Trey Day

10. Tyrese  I Wanna Go There

Diana Newmark – Denver, CO

1.   Sammie  I Like The Way
2.   HI-Five  Greatest Hits
3.   Jodeci 
Forever My Lady
4.   Isley Brothers 
Between The Sheets
5.   R.Kelly  12 Play
6.   Tony! Toni! Tone! 
The After Party
7.   Boyz II Men  II
8.   Tyrese 
9.   Brian Mcknight  Anytime
10. Jon B.  Cool Relax
Jimmy Jamm – Pflugerville, TX1.   Luther Vandross  The Night I Fell In Love
2.   Keith Sweat  Don’t Stop Your Love
3.   Anita Baker  Rapture
4.   Babyface   Tender Lover
5.   Johnny Gill  Let’s Get The Mood Right
6.   Jodeci  
Forever My Lady
7.   LeVert  Rope A Dope Style
8.   Aaron Hall  The Truth
9.   The Isley Brothers  Beautiful Ballads
10. The O’Jays  In Bed With The O’Jays

Laurenzo Thomas – Seattle, WA

1.   Heatwave  Too Hot To Handle
2.   Anita Baker  Rapture
3.   Dreamboy  Don’t Go
4.   Ready For The World  RFTW
5.   Luther Vandross  Give Me The Reason
6.   Mary J. Blige  My Life
7.   Guy 
8.   Switch  Best Of Switch
9.   Jodeci  Forever My Lady
10. Keith Sweat  Make It Last Forever

That’s The Way Of The World

Eric D – Phoenix, AZ

1.   Jodeci  Diary of a Mad Band
2.   Tony! Toni! Tone’!  The Revival
3.   Boyz II Men  II
4.   Jodeci  The Show, The After Party, The Hotel
5.   Jodeci  Forever My Lady
6.   Babyface  For The Cool In You
7.   Toni Braxton  Toni Braxton
8.   Various Artists  Boomerang Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
9.   R. Kelly  12 Play
10. Jon B. 
Cool Relax



Justin Lucas – Tulsa, OK

1.   Boyz II Men  II
2.   Dru Hill  Dru Hill
3.   Jodeci  Forever My Lady
4.   Hi-Five  Greatest Hits
5.   Mint Condition  Meant To Be Mint
6.   Musiq Soulchild  Juslisen
7.   Boyz II Men  Evolution
8.   Jagged Edge  JE Heartbreak
9.   Luther Vandross  Always And Forever: The Classics
10. Tyrese  Tyrese

Luanna – Calipatria, CA

1.   Essence Men (compilation)  The Love Songs
2.   Anita Baker  Rapture
3.   Luther Vandross  Greatest Hits
4.   Brian McKnight  Anytime
5.   Toni Braxton  Toni Braxton
6.   Jon B.  Cool Relax
7.   Chico Debarge  The Game
8.   Maxwell  Urban Hang Suite
9.   Babyface  Tender Lover

10. Kenny Lattimore  Kenny Lattimore

M.C. Magic of NB Ridaz – Phoenix, AZ


1.   Luis Miguel  Romances II
2.   R.Kelly  12 Play
3.   Keith Sweat  Make It Last Forever
4.   Jodeci  Forever My Lady
5.   Sade  Lovers Rock
6.   Babyface  For The Cool In You
7.   Bobby Brown  Don’t Be Cruel
8.   Brenton Wood  18 Best
9.   Club Nouveau  Life Love & Pain
10. Mariah Carey  Ones           

Greg “Hitman” Williams – Wichita, KS

1.   Roger  Greatest Hits
Marvin Gaye  Midnight Love
3.   The Deele  Eyes of a Stranger
Mariah Carey  Music Box
TLC  Crazysexycool
6.   The
Platters  Best Of The Platters
After 7  After 7
Freddie Jackson  Rock Me Tonight
Alexander O’Neal  Alexnader O’Neal
H-Town  Fever For Da Flava

Chuckii Booker – Los Angeles, CA

1.   Gap Band  III
2.   Luther Vandross  Give Me The Reason
3.   The Commodores  Zoom
4.   Jodeci  Diary Of A Mad Band
5.   The Stylistics  Best Of The Stylistics
6.   Jon B.  Cool Relax
7.   The Isley Brothers  The Heat Is On
8.   D-Angelo  Brown Sugar
9.   Earth, Wind & Fire  All ‘N All
10. Omarion  O

Josie Doporto – Carson City, NV

1.   Frankie J  The One
2.   Ciara  Goodies
3.   Mariah Carey  #1’s
4.   LSG  LSG
5.   K-Ci & JoJo  X
6.   Jon B  Cool Relax
7.   Frankie J  Frankie J
8.   Mariah Carey  Charm Bracelet
9.   Various Artists  Body & Soul
10. Aaliyah  I Care 4 U

Tara Raheem – Abilene, TX

1.   The Isley Brothers  Love Songs
2.   The Isley Brothers  Mission to Please
3.   Jodeci  The Show The Hotel The After Party
4.   Luther Vandross- The Ultimate Luther Album
5.   Maze- Greatest Slow Jams
6.   Peabo Bryson  The Peabo Bryson Collection
7.   Gerald Levert  G
8.   Teddy Pendergrass  The Love Song Collection
9.   Body & Soul  The Sensual Collection
10. Avant  Private Room


Jose H. – Sacramento, CA
1.   Marvin Gaye  Let’s Get It On
2.   Jodeci  Forever My Lady
3.   Keith Sweat  I’ll Give All My Love To You
4.   Boys I I Men  II
5.   Luther Vandross  Greatest hits
6.   Omarion  O
7.   Usher  Confessions
8.   Anita Baker  Rapture
9.   Babyface  For The Cool In You
10. Mariah Carey  Charm Bracelet

Robert Mendez – Phoenix, AZ

1.   Babyface  Tender Lover
2.   Alexander O’neal  Hearsay
3.   Marvin Gaye  Let’s Get It On
4.   Teddy Pendergrass  It’s Time for Love
5.   Maxwell  Embya
6.   Gerald LeVert  Groove On
7.   Babyface  For The Cool In You
8.   Keith Sweat  I’ll Give All My Love To You
9.   Jodeci  Forever My Lady
10. Boyz II Men 


Anthony R. – Stockton, CA
1.   Rome  Rome
2.   Jodeci  Back To The Future : The Very Best of Jodeci
3.   Dru Hill  Hits
4.   Boyz II Men  Legacy
5.   K-Ci & JoJo  Greatest Hits
6.   LSG  LSG
7.   Keith Sweat  I’ll Give All My Love To You
8.   Tony! Toni! Tone’!  The Revival
9.   Jon B  Cool Relax
10. The Isley Brothers  Love Songs


Chandra Rome – Pottstown, PA
1.   Jill Scott  Who Is Jill Scott? Words & Sounds Vol. 1
2.   R. Kelly  12 Play
3.   Sade  Love Deluxe
4.   Mary J. Blige  My Life
5.   Angie Stone  Black Diamond
6.   Xscape  Hummin’ Comin’ At Cha
7.   Kem  Kemistry
8.   Remy Shand  The Way I Feel
9.   Whitney Houston  The Greatest Love Of All

10. Lauryn Hill  Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill

Denny Miyashiro – Honolulu, HI

1.   K-Ci & Jojo  Love Always
2.   R. Kelly  12 Play
3.   Shai  If I Ever Fall In Love
4.   Brian McKnight  Anytime
5.   Babyface  For The Cool In You
6.   Boyz II Men  II
7.   4PM  Now’s The Time
8.   Elements Of Life  Elements Of Life
9.   Various Artists  Boomerang The Soundtrack
10.  Tevin Campbell  I’m Ready


LaDonja Spruill – Alton, IL

1.  Mary J. Blige  What’s the 411?

2.  Brian McKnight  Back at one
3.  Debarge  In A Special Way
4.  Guy  Guy
5.  Switch  Best Of Switch
6.  The Rude Boys  Written All Over Your Face
7.  Color Me Badd  C.M.B
8.  Immature  Playtyme Is Over
9.  Toni Braxton  Toni Braxton
10. Mariah Carey  Butterfly


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