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Ramsey Venner

NO LOOSE ENDS by Ramsey F. Venner

Travis Smith has tough choices to make when money, emotions, and loyalties pull him in different directions. Operating in the shadows of Reno’s flashing lights brings sizzling encounters with exotic dancers, bundles of dirty money, and the unavoidable brush-ups with dubious dudes.

He thought quick wits and an air-tight hustle were all he needed, but when push comes to shove, the real test begins. When his world is disrupted and the chaos of a casino town starts closing in, he finds peace in the slow-growing passion of an outsider, but it may be too late to cash out…

No Loose Ends is the first novel from Ramsey F. Venner and was written and published from behind prison walls. Mr. Venner is currently incarcerated in the Nevada Department of Corrections, serving time for DUI offenses and has made it his mission to not allow his present predicament to define him or forsake his future. When asked about his DUI’s Mr. Venner said “I make no bones about being in the wrong for my mistakes, I’m just grateful that no one was hurt while I was living recklessly.”

Ramsey VennerHe describes the writing process as a “necessary and welcome escape from the ugly realities that surround me. I could slip away into the story and the characters and be miles away from here (prison).”

Not being able to access the internet himself, or be out to do traditional marketing, such as book signings and meet and greets, Mr. Venner has relied on the assistance of his friends and family (The Table Five Team) to help him through the publishing process and he’s doing something original and different to build a buzz for No Loose Ends.

Over at Mr. Venner’s blog, there are short stories from the characters of No Loose Ends. When asked what inspired him to create this twist, “Most books travel in a straight line, mostly about the main character and what he’s going through. But with my blog, in addition to my commentary on everything under the sun, people can get the back story on the other characters in the book. Maybe you identify or relate to the dancer, Asia, or J Dub, or Boston (the main character’s buddies), now you can hear in their own words, how they made it into the mix that is the No Loose Ends story. “Prison makes you creative,” he said, “you’ve gotta come up with new ways to do ordinary things.”

You can also listen to his podcast with TigerLily of TigerLily’s Freedom Roar, taped over the phone over at Ramsey’s YouTube Channel, where he answered questions on a wide range of topics including; the state of the legal system, the huge disparity in people of color being incarcerated and the effect it has on the American family’s structure.

Mr. Venner is currently working on his next project, and legal remedies to regain his freedom. You can subscribe to his blog or friend him on Facebook to get updates on his progress. Or send your letters to:

Ramsey Venner 86053
P.O. Box 7000
Carson City, NV 89702



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