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Slow Jams Road Trip: Louisiana – December

Louisiana Loves Slow Jams

It’s going down!  Nothin’ like a little road trip to see some of our favorite cities in the great state of Louisiana!  Not only is R Dub hittin’ his favorite cities in Louisiana, but he’s bringin’ his mom (Awwwwwwww!)

Look for R Dub in these cities:

Dec 24 – Dec 26 New Orleans, LA

Dec 27 Morgan City, LA

Dec 27 Lafayette, LA

Dec 28 Lake Charles, LA

Dec 29  Baton Rouge, LA

Dec 30 New Orleans, LA

See photos from trip here:

Name: Jessica Rangel
Location: Fresno, CA
Listens to: Q97
Listening since: 2003
Favorite Slow Jam: Can You Stand The Rain
Oral Expression:   I love my husband Frank Rangel!
We listen to slow jams together every chance we get.
Thank you for keeping real music relevant!

Here’s what’s “next” from Next…


You know what excites me?  When classic Slow Jam and R&B groups from the 90s go into the studio and make new music…Lord knows there’s not enough good R&B out these days, so when I heard Next was going in the studio to put some tracks down, I was elated.  You know Too Close, Butta Love, I Still Love You…and now, get ready for what’s “next”…

Check out “Leaving With Me,” below, from Next.  The single is available on iTunes November 18th.

Make sure to support Next’s new musical journey, and stay in touch with all of the members of the group–find them on social media: @thegroupnext, @tlowfromnext and @tweetfromnext