Sunday Nite Slow Jams premiered on Sunday, July 24th, 1994 at a tiny AM radio station in the desert.  Through the years Sunday Nite Slow Jams has offered listeners a special blend of old and new R&B love songs and an outlet to express special feelings to loved ones.

Through numerous format changes and station moves, R Dub! managed to keep Sunday Nite Slow Jams alive over two decades.  It seemed just as Sunday Nite Slow Jams was reaching new heights in popularity, the radio station where it aired on would change formats.  Nevertheless, as R Dub! moved from station to station (as so many DJ’s do), he was able to keep Sunday Nite Slow Jams on the air.

It was in March of 2003 that R Dub!’s lifetime dream of syndication came true.  After a year of constructing his very own broadcast studio in his house, R Dub! began broadcasting Sunday Nite Slow Jams to the entire country…well, maybe not the entire country, but on three different stations.  Today Sunday Nite Slow Jams can be heard around the world, on about 130 different radio stations and growing.

Sunday Nite Slow Jams features the hottest R&B love songs, along with your dedications, we call Oral Expressions. Sunday Nite Slow Jams specializes in playing special Slow Jams that you probably haven’t heard in awhile, and definitely won’t hear anywhere else!  SWV, Keith Sweat, Jodeci, The Isley Brothers, Boyz II Men, Al B. Sure, Janet Jackson and more can all be heard on Sunday Nite Slow Jams.

Click HERE for a list of radio stations where Sunday Nite Slow Jams can be heard.

Sunday Nite Slow Jams Time-Line:

July 1994 – The First episode of Sunday Nite Slow Jams airs on Power 1490
After presenting the idea of a four-hour Sunday night Slow Jams and dedications show to the Program Director of a small hip-hop station in Tucson, Arizona called Power 1490, R Dub! was given the opportunity to start Sunday Nite Slow Jams.  The show soon became a hit in Tucson, as the city tuned in every Sunday night to hear the hottest Slow Jams and their special dedications, called Oral Expressions.  In the summer of 1995, Power 1490 changed format and the entire staff, including R Dub!, was let go.  Sunday Nite Slow Jams was done…for now.

May 1996 – Sunday Nite Slow Jams returns on Power 97.5FM
After almost two years, and a move to Tennessee and back to Arizona, R Dub! finally had the chance to bring back Sunday Nite Slow Jams.  This time the station was Tucson’s Power 97.5FM (ironically, just up the road–on the same street as the defunct Power 1490).  Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before this Power station changed formats too.  It seemed it was hard keeping a Hip-Hop station around in this town, and in December of 1997, “The Power” was shut down.

March 1998 – Sunday Nite Slow Jams returns on 93.7 KRQ
Luckily this time, Sunday Nite Slow Jams was only off the air for a few short months, before R Dub! was able to make the show resurface on Tucson’s Top 40 leader, KRQ.  With a full 100,000 watts of power, Sunday Nite Slow Jams was now heard by more people than ever before, and soon became the city’s most listened to radio show.

August 2001 – Sunday Nite Slow Jams debuts on Hot 98.3FM
In 2001 the company that owned KRQ bought its rival, Hot 98.3FM in Tucson. With his love for Hip-Hop and R&B music, R Dub! moved over to Hot, and took Sunday Nite Slow Jams with him. The show continued to dominate the city in the ratings and soared to new heights as it became more and more established  over the years.

February 2003 – Sunday Nite Slow Jams goes national
Not being able to sit still, R Dub! wanted to take the show to the next level.  Having an extra room in a home he just bought, R Dub! dreamed of building his own radio-broadcast studio in his house and hosting Sunday Nite Slow Jams from his very own home.  After over  a year of buying equipment, planning, and building–the “official” Sunday Nite Jams studio was completed. R Dub! had a couple friends that ran radio stations in other cities that were interested in having Sunday Nite Slow Jams on their station.  In late February of 2003, Sunday Nite Slow Jams was delivered to the whole country…well, maybe not the whole country, but this was a start–the debut of the now syndicated Sunday Nite Slow Jams show aired on three stations, including Hot 98.3FM in Tucson, Arizona, Maxima 99.1FM in Nogales, Arizona, and 101.5FM The Beat in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  This was a life-long dream fullfilled for R Dub!, one that he had never in his wildest dreams ever expected to really happen.

Today R Dub!’s Sunday Nite Slow Jams is heard on over 130 radio stations, in three countries.  From Honolulu, Hawaii, to Anchorage Alaska, from East Anglia England, to Mexicali Mexico, Sunday Nite Slow Jams is quickly taking the world by storm and giving Sunday nights a new definition. “I won’t stop until every town in every state in every country in the world can listen to Sunday Nite Slow Jams,” says R Dub! “I want the whole world to be able to have a special place to come home to every Sunday night!”


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