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Slow Jammer of the Week 03/25/12

Name: Wendolynn Waters-Sims
City: Springfield, IL
Listens to: Power 92.3
Listening since: 2010
Favorite Slow Jam: Musiq “Don’t Change”

Download of the week: Keith Sweat

It’s a Keith Sweat Classic that goes deeper than pop songs like “Nobody” and “Twisted”…

It’s the word every man hates to hear from the girl he likes: “no.”

“There You Go (Tellin’ Me No Again)” is without a doubt one of Keith’s best works–underrated and under appreciated by many; but always a favorite on Sunday Nite Slow Jams.

The song was part of Keith’s 1991 “Keep it Comin” album and was also featured on the New Jack City Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

DOWNLOAD R Dub’s Slow Jam of the week: “There You Go (Tellin’ Me No Again)” HERE.

DOWNLOAD the full Keith Sweat album “Keep It Comin'” HERE.

DOWNLOAD the New Jack City Original Motion Picture Soundtrack HERE.

DOWNLOAD The Best of Keith Sweat album HERE.

DOWNLOAD more Keith Sweat music HERE.

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March 30 & 31 – El Centro, CA

Look for Sunday Nite Slow Jams’ host R Dub! and comedian Polo, cruising the streets of El Centro, Heber and Calexico in the truck, packed with free Slow Jams prizes!  They’ll be rollin’ through Imperial Valley from Friday March 30th until Sunday April 1st, hooking up Sunday Nite Slow Jams listeners with free Slow Jams CDs, T-Shirts and more!

We’ll be at:

-Imperial Valley Mall (Vans Store) with Power 98.3FM from 11AM to 1PM on Saturday.

-More stops to be announced soon!

Have a suggestion for places R Dub! and the crew should visit while in Imperial Valley?  Please submit it below:

Slow Jammer of the Week 03/12/12

Name: Krystalynn Pope
City: Eugene, OR
Listens to: 104.7FM KDUK
Listening since: 2009
Favorite Slow Jam: Amanda Perez “Candy Kisses”

Slow Jammer 03/04/12

Name: Pamela Reed
City: Rio Rico, AZ
Listens to: Maxima 99.1FM
Listening since: 2003
Favorite Slow Jam: Heatwave “Always and Forever”