Top 50 Slow Jams of all-time

Top 50 Slow Jams of All-Time coming soon!


  1. Jasmine2012 says:

    I love to hear slow jams it helps me relax, enjoy my night, clear my head, and just helps me sleep

  2. sashawett says:

    Love listening every Sunday but the problem is I just moved to Bakersfield California and still listening to a station from Tulsa OK what stations are out my way rdub

  3. ccorrell57 says:

    You guys play a remix, or different version of t-pain’s can’t believe it 90% of the time I hear the show. I like the version you guys play better than the original. Anywhere I can find this?

  4. kandie7550 says:

    hi r dub. there is a slow jam that i love that u play every nite…goes somethibg like “tell me love me” who is it by?

  5. Love the radio station rdub slow jams

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  7. Hey:)

  8. hey everybody whats up!

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