2012 – Tucson, AZ

Slow Jams LIVE! is returning to Tucson soon, and it’s gonna be a big one!  Details soon!


  1. lupeesmokees says:

    I cant listen to it

  2. any idea about when its gonna go down??
    are you done with it you better come to san diego

  3. Still no news??

  4. Any idea about when its gonna go down??

  5. when is it going down in tucson az

  6. I wish they would say who’s coming. I want to know already.

  7. Wouldn’t usher b amaziiiiing <3333

  8. It’s April already… Are we doin this or what??

  9. You need to try for J. Holiday and The Dream again like 4 years ago when they first were introduced! They would blow up slow jams now!

  10. Maria Rivera says:

    I can’t wait.. My hubby n I very excited… 🙂

  11. I’m dying to know who will be there and when will it be, please hurry so I can take off work that day lol

  12. Corrina says:

    SLOW JAMS !!!!!!!!

  13. Super excited pleasee keep me updatedd<3

  14. ohhh i cant wait

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