Name: Destiny Aragon
Location: Las Cruces, NM
Listens to: Hot 103FM
Listening since: 2004
Favorite Slow Jam: Heatwave – Always & Forever
Oral Expression: I wanna do an oral expression to Josh Solomon. He is the world’ s greatest husband and I am the luckiest woman alive because I have him by my side. I love him with all my heart and will always be here by his side through thick and thin.

Name: Tony Alonso Preciado, Jr.
Location: Calexico, CA
Listens to: Power 98.3
Listening since: 2003
Favorite Slow Jam: Usher – Love In This Club Part II
Oral Expression: “Shout out to me!

Name: Monique Alonzo
Location: Stockton, CA
Listens to: 97.7 & 98.3 KWIN
Listening since: 2011
Favorite Slow Jam: Guy – Let’s Chill
Oral Expression: “To my best friend, my hubby Philip Alonzo. I love you my baby forever times infinity!

Name: Maria Cura
Location: Midland, TX
Listens to: B93
Listening since: 2000
Favorite Slow Jam: Voices of Theory – Say It
Oral Expression:  My Oral Expression is for you R Dub! Thank you for your show. Sometimes the only way that a person can express themselves is through music. For me it helps me reminisce on the good times that I have had and that I hope to have again someday. I absolutely love your show.”

Name: James Murden
Location: Utica, NY
Listens to: Movin’ 100.3 and 96.5
Listening since: 2014
Favorite Slow Jam: Usher – Nice & Slow
Oral Expression:  “Shout to R Dub and  Sunday Night Slow Jams; and to my wonderful partner in crime my better half for life, Stacey.  I love you always and forever.  I am a movement by myself but I am a force when we’re together.”

Name: Aurora Ceja
Location: Salem, OR
Listens to: Jam’n 107.5FM
Listening since: 1996
Favorite Slow Jam: M.C. Magic – Lost In Love
Oral Expression:  My Oral Expression goes to my love Thomas Alaniz from Salem, Oregon.  Baby you are my world I love you more than life itself, I will always love you..for always.

Name: Tanya Hughes
Location: Reno, NV
Listens to: WiLD 102.9FM
Listening since: 2015
Favorite Slow Jam: Ginuwine “I Love You More Every Day”
Oral Expression:  I would like to tell Darren Lachance I love you more baby and I can’t wait for you to come home!

Name: Anastasia
Location: Tucson, AZ
Listens to: Hot 98.3
Listening since: 1994
Favorite Slow Jam: Rick James & Teena Marie “Fire & Desire”
Oral Expression:    I wanna send an oral expression to the Love of my life Guillermo Vega no more years baby only counting months till ur home! Love you!

Name: Elvia Bahena
Location: Firebaugh, CA
Listens to: Q97
Listening since: 2013
Favorite Slow Jam: Sade “By Your Side”
Oral Expression:   My oral expression goes out to the 3 loves of my life: my 2 handsome boys, Michael and Nikko.  And also to my other half, Nick Martinez.

Name: Justin Glenn
Location: Anchorage, AK
Listens to: KFAT 92.9
Listening since: 2002
Favorite Slow Jam: “I Want to Love You Down” by Keith Sweat
Oral Expression:   Oral Expression goes to my angel S-Rad; she works her little booty off with full-time school and a full-time job. She’s driving through a snow storm right now to come spend the weekend with me.  Love you lady.  And thanks R Dub, radio is still viable to me because of shows like yours.