Slow Jams Road Trip: 8 Stations, 4 Days!


My favorite part about of my job–besides actually “doing” Sunday Night Slow Jams–is getting out on the road and meeting the programmers and staff behind the awesome radio stations that carry my show.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit eight radio stations, during a whirlwind weekend road trip, that included affiliates all across Illinois and Indiana.

Two of my favorite stops were Peoria, IL and Indianapolis, IN; where I spent some quality time with two great Cumulus partners.

Here are a few highlights:


With Jay Michaels at 93.9 The Beat – Indy!


With E-Class from 93.9 The Beat – Indy!


Gettin’ some Indy history in!
FUN FACT: My family (The McCormicks) were the very first settlers in Indiana.
Unfortunately, that didn’t get me any discounts while I was in town!


With WZPW PD Noah Sherwood
Noah did a great job promoting my visit and many listeners showed up for some Slow Jams love!


With WZPW listeners in Peoria, IL!


Slow Jams love in Peoria, IL


The reason we do radio…to touch the people!


FUN FACT: Richard Pryor was born in Peoria, IL.
He has his own statue and even a street named after him in Peoria!

What a fantastic trip! I got to listen to so much great local radio and meet the programmers behind it all. I was also so lucky to have some face-time with many listeners along the way–people who tune in every Sunday without fail, and contribute to our ratings successes–it was great to be able to thank them for listening, face to face!

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Thanks for your support and see you soon,
Yours Truly, R Dub!

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