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  1. Michael559 says:

    Hello just wanted to say thank u for giving me the pleasure to be a part of slow jams. Second I want to say I hope everyone is having a wonderful night. Last but not least thank u rdubb for making sure my oral expression makes it on tonight and my dedication it would mean a lot to me it’s very important that it gets on tonight I love you. You will make a tremendous impact on my night and life .

  2. I would like to make a dedication to my husband currently finishing up his sentence at Folsom State Prison. I am patiently and impatiently waiting for you to come home. I love you with all my heart and soul, Randy Ray Ruiz. This one is for you! For showing me the capabilities of your love. “Mobb deep, Hey Luv”

    • Hi Bonita! Well we don’t do “dedications,” but you CAN make an Oral Expression to your husband! Just call us at 1-877-209-0631, or click the link that says “Request and Dedicate!” Thanks for listening!

  3. tiggersweetjlr says:

    Jeffrey Gardner baby this is for you, I love you with all my heart and soul! You are my world and I’m sorry I didn’t answer your calls this evening I am so very sorry baby please forgive me!! I love you with every beat of my heart!!! Baby I wish I could turn back time so I could correct and fix things!!! Baby I’m so in love with you!!!!!

    Love you so much your wife,
    Jenny Gardner

    Love me because I love you!!!!!

  4. To my future husband Harold from your future wife Lillian, Happy 2 years Anniversary may the Lord bless us so many more… I love u with all my heart

  5. Hi R Dub Thank you so very much for your hard work and dedication to help keep this beautiful slow jams and dedication station on in Portland Oregon even though I’m from Vancouver WA thank you and keep up the good work and also thank you for reading my oral expression earlier this summer from Michele to Craig Taylor I love you for that take care love Michele Hotchkins Vancouver WA

  6. Sami Walters says:

    Hey R Dub, every sunday night i fill out or call to request an oral expression and i was wondering if I’m doing something wrong since i never hear it on the radio. Do you have any tips? Thank you for making every sunday night my favorite night of the week, keep it up!! <3 Much love!!

  7. Please bring R Dub Slow Jam to Las Vegas, NV. I love listening to slow jam love listening to ok’d school songs all the good real songs

  8. ERNESTINA Leon says:

    I am so happy finally figured out how do oral expression on phone,Twitter,slow jams

  9. Barbara says:

    Oh im sorry i left one thing out can i also make a dedication to my man and his cellys in Santa Barbara County Jail “Dont Let no one get you down” By WAR Thank you R Dub

  10. Barbara says:

    Thank you R Dub for having as a VIP i would like to make a Dedication to my Man Junior hes in Santa Barbara County Jail “theres no me without you” By Manhattan

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