Mystery Slow Jam

Think you know what tonight’s Mystery Slow Jam is?  Enter your guess below for a chance at free Slow Jams prizes!


  1. Skitso4ever says:

    Tonight’s mystery was Sweet Thang by Rufus featuring Chaka Khan

  2. MsManifestation says:

    Today’s guess is mariah carey crazy in love

  3. sarah08montoya says:

    Guess tonight song…. her name is chaka chan

  4. amberayala says:

    Had a great time last year at the concert and after party n Tucson! Hope u got the pics I tagged on yur facebook. We were hoping to attend this year but its already starting to be a rough year! Hopefully I win tickets from the radio this time if not I hope its the best show you have ever given! Good luck R Dub!

  5. I like to listen to sunday night slow jams because you guys play really good music and I’m a up coming dj so I want to have good songs

  6. I have to say slow jams are a regular part of my life I have been listening to them sine I was 13 was a usual me and my love listened to them every Sunday keep it up love them they always end a bad week great

  7. ROB FELIX says:

    What’s. Up just listening to Sunday night slowjams smoking a fat KUSH BLUNT enjoy the night smoke oneup!!

  8. Nataly Montelongo says:

    I love Sunday Nite Slow Jams I love all the songs you guys play it relaxes me. My Son is almost 2 years old and he loves Slow Jams he’s always telling me “Mommy Low Jams” 🙂

  9. also it was played around 10:15pm and the radio station is 92.5 F.M.

  10. hi man im form utah and i loved the mystery slow jam that you played on sunday march 20 but i want to know who is the artist who sings that song

  11. Lori Newton says:

    My suggestion is to give more artist & title of songs
    There are so many I hear, that I even call & google
    Can’t find the slow jams? What is a good Market App
    To get thru my Android? Just to download music, also
    What station can I listen to u on my phone,”Slacker radio”?
    When i’m out & about?? But one song I’ve been trying to find is
    __• Don’t wanna cry__• Not by Mariah Carey, the origina
    R&B black woman artist????

    Please Email me that original r&b artist name
    “Don’t wanna cry”l

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