Peoria, IL – Sep 17


R Dub! is coming to Peoria, IL Saturday, September 17th!

Meet R Dub! at Junction City Shopping Center during the 5th Annual Wine & Whiskey Walk.

This year’s event will benefit the Peoria Public Schools Foundation.  With over 30 samplings of eclectic wines & whiskeys available, participants are encouraged to spend the day at Junction City exploring the shops, having tasty treats, and enjoying live entertainment.  Student artwork available for purchase, local artists + vendors, fun activities, swag bags and more.

Send him a recommendation on what to see, where to go and what to eat in Peoria!



  1. OMG….I can’t wait to meet you! You truely helped walk my husband & I tru our marriage for 11 years strong!
    The truely Best place to eat is COOPERS EXPRESS….AT. 2412 N. Sheridan Rd. In Pitstop Gas Station…MUCH

  2. nchlejbrooks40 says:

    I’m really excited that you are coming to Peoria! I have been a fan of Sunday Night Slow Jams since 2007. In Peoria our Riverfront is pretty nice. You should try our Italian restaurant, Avanti’s. It has some pretty good food and the prices are reasonable.

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