Slow Jams Special Volume 1: This is the REMIX!


Over the years, I’ve collected thousands of Slow Jams CDs.  From the various radio stations I’ve worked at, to scouring record stores across America–I’ve built up a pretty impressive collection of Slow Jams and they mean more to me than just about any other possession.  One of my most prized parts of this catalog are some of the fantastic and super rare remixes I’ve been able to find over the years.  Some came easy.  Others I’d only been able to get a hold of after years of tedious searching.

STUDIO CROPUntil today I’ve been very “protective” of these rare gems.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t want many other people to “own” these masterpieces too; maybe because I wanted to be the only DJ who featured these remixes on his show.  Whatever the reason, I realized that I was being selfish–and why not share these amazing tracks with my listeners: the people that love Slow Jams just like I do.

So here they are!  A collection of some of the best remixes ever made.  Some you may have heard on my show, others I have never broadcast on the radio.  Some are almost as good as the original.  Others you may agree are even better than the album version.  Either way, hit play, sit back, relax and enjoy a musical journey featuring the best (and rarest) Slow Jams remixes ever made.

This…is the REMIX!


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