Sunday Night Slow Jams in Sacramento!


Hot damn! No pun intended…I am so excited to be back on the air in the great city of Sacramento!  I was lucky enough to be on the air in Sac for many years, but have not been on there for a couple years.  Now we’re back!

Please make sure you tune into Hot 103.5 every Sunday night at 8PM for Sunday Night Slow Jams–which is on right after Hot 103.5’s Sunday School (Which is a DOPE show too!)

I’m asking you to please spread the word…and please tell ALL your friends that Sunday Night Slow Jams is back on the air in Sacramento!  Please update your facebook status, send a tweet, text your friends–let ’em know we’re on Hot 103.5!

Finally, thanks to Tosh and the whole team at Hot 103.5!  See you Sunday!

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