Albuquerque, NM

It was a great show!  Ginuwine, Jagged Edge, Jeremih and Jon B!  I want to thank everyone for coming…I hope you had fun!

Hope to see you soon Albuquerque!


  1. i’v been waitin for Jon B to come into, phoenix az,, iwould really love to attend his concert, ,,,Jon B i love u,,,let me knw wen yur in town,,,love to meet u,,,<3

  2. Manuel Black says:

    Hey R Dub,

    Is this event in Albuquerque live to the public like a concert or is it just going to be in a studio and live that way? My wife and I love your show and we are hoping that this is a concert. Please send us some details so that we can plan to drive down to Albq. Thanks.

    Manuel Black

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