Now Slow Jammin’ 5 Nights a Week in Anchorage, Alaska!


Yes!  By popular demand, we’re now Slow Jammin’ 5 nights a week in Anchorage, Alaska!  Tune into 92.9 KFAT every Monday through Thursday night at 10PM for Slow Jams with R Dub!  It’s the weeknight version of Sunday Night Slow Jams, featuring all your favorite love songs and special Oral Expressions.

In fact, you can call us right now to make an Oral Expression, at 1-877-209-0631.  What are you waiting for?

Special thanks to Don Megga and the whole crew at 92.9 KFAT for Slow Jammin’ 5 nights a week.  Please tell all your friends and tune in weeknights at 10PM!  And of course, don’t miss Sunday Night Slow Jams, Sundays at 8PM on 92.9 KFAT!


Make an Oral Expression or Slow Jams Request HERE
92.9 KFAT Official Website HERE
92.9 KFAT Facebook HERE
A list of other radio stations Slow Jammin’ 5 nights a week HERE

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