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Name: Elvia Bahena
Location: Firebaugh, CA
Listens to: Q97
Listening since: 2013
Favorite Slow Jam: Sade “By Your Side”
Oral Expression:   My oral expression goes out to the 3 loves of my life: my 2 handsome boys, Michael and Nikko.  And also to my other half, Nick Martinez.

Riverside, CA

Words can’t express how thrilled I am to be playing Sunday Night Slow Jams for The Inland Empire!  Riverside, San Bernardino, Corona…get ready!

Now, you can hear Sunday Night Slow Jams every Sunday, from 8PM-12M on the I.E.’s Old School 104.7FM!

Would you please:

1)  Tune in to Old School 104.7FM this Sunday at 8PM!
2)  Tell all your friends!
3)  Spread the word on facebook, twitter, etc?
4)  Call me RIGHT NOW (yes, right now!) for an Oral Expression/dedication or request: 1-877-209-0631.  You can also click HERE to dedicate now!

Special shout-out and thanks to Big Bear, Chris Loos, DJ Divine, and the whole crew at Old School 104.7FM!  See you Sunday!

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Here’s R Dub! with Big Bear from Old School 104.7FM
Name: Justin Glenn
Location: Anchorage, AK
Listens to: KFAT 92.9
Listening since: 2002
Favorite Slow Jam: “I Want to Love You Down” by Keith Sweat
Oral Expression:   Oral Expression goes to my angel S-Rad; she works her little booty off with full-time school and a full-time job. She’s driving through a snow storm right now to come spend the weekend with me.  Love you lady.  And thanks R Dub, radio is still viable to me because of shows like yours.

Oxnard / Ventura / Santa Barbara


I’ve been hosting Sunday Night Slow Jams since I was 16 years old, and anyone who knows me knows how near and dear to my heart the show is.  I live for it…and I love sharing Slow Jams across America with listeners who are just as passionate about the show as I am!

California has been one of our most successful states, with almost 20 radio stations airing my show in Cali alone–most, for many, many years.  So it always pained me that the show wasn’t on in Oxnard/Ventura, where I know people love to “Slow Jam!”

But now, thanks to 103.3 The Vibe–we’re finally here!  Yup, Sunday Night Slow Jams can now be heard every Sunday from 9PM-1AM on 103.3 The Vibe, in Oxnard, Ventura and Santa Barbara!

So, please tune in!  And please tell all your friends!  Please send out a tweet and update your facebook status…and let everybody know that we’re Slow Jammin’ on The Vibe!

Special thanks to Sommer Frisk, Steve Marshall, Steve Perez, and the whole crew at 103.3 The Vibe who believe in the power of Slow Jams!

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Sunday Night Slow Jams in Sacramento!


Hot damn! No pun intended…I am so excited to be back on the air in the great city of Sacramento!  I was lucky enough to be on the air in Sac for many years, but have not been on there for a couple years.  Now we’re back!

Please make sure you tune into Hot 103.5 every Sunday night at 8PM for Sunday Night Slow Jams–which is on right after Hot 103.5’s Sunday School (Which is a DOPE show too!)

I’m asking you to please spread the word…and please tell ALL your friends that Sunday Night Slow Jams is back on the air in Sacramento!  Please update your facebook status, send a tweet, text your friends–let ’em know we’re on Hot 103.5!

Finally, thanks to Tosh and the whole team at Hot 103.5!  See you Sunday!

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