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Remembering Roger…

Roger Troutman Slow Jams

On the anniversary of Roger’s passing (April 25th), I’d like to share two very special pieces of Roger with you…

First, please check out this amazing interview with Roger–conducted in the early 90s on a tiny AM radio station in the middle of the Arizona desert.  Almost every DJ I talk to, say that Roger gave them their best interview.

Next–below the interview–please enjoy a custom playlist of the best Roger Slow Jams ever made, including some special rare and extended remixes.  Kick back, relax, listen…and let’s remember Roger together!

Roger’s incredible radio interview from the 90s


R Dub’s custom Roger playlist:

Top Ten Slow Jams about Cheating

Top ten songs for cheaters

Though cheating is wrong, and can cause immense hurt and emotional distress to all parties involved, we’re not here to pass judgment…just here to pass on Slow Jams!  Here are the Top 10 Slow Jams about cheating, according to R Dub!

#10 R. Kelly feat. Mr. Biggs – Down Low
R. Kelly and Ron Isley on the track together—doesn’t get much better than that.  Kells and Mr. Biggs play out the scene of a player getting busted by husband who comes home just a little too early.


#9 Keith Sweat – Knew That You Were Cheating
This rare Keith Sweat classic from his I’ll Give All My Love To You album was sorely underrated but one of Keith’s best performances.  Opening up his heart like no other R&B singer can do, Keith claims he knew it all along—he knew that you’re cheating.


#8 Dru Hill – In My Bed
It’s a modern day 3 Bears story.  Though this time it’s not porridge that’s being eaten.  Make sure to watch the whole video for a surprising end that will make you giggle and say daaaaaaaaamn.


#7 Mokenstef – He’s Mine
The classic script of the full-time woman explaining to the mistress that she’s nothing more than a floozie.  You may have had him once, but she has him all the time.


#6 Billy Paul – Me & Mrs. Jones
We go old school for song number four, in a tale of what it’s like to date an older woman…who just happens to have a husband.  Unlike R. Kelly’s Down Low, this one leaves more to the imagination—instead of meeting in the bedroom, it’s the corner café.  The rest is left to you imagination.


#5 Usher – Confessions Part II
Talk about a dream team of producers: Terry Lewis, Jimmy Jam, Jermaine Dupri and Lil’ Jon?  Two of the worst repercussions of cheating—besides breaking hearts—is an STD or pregnancy.  Usher gets caught up in the latter, as he tells the tale of his infidelity and ultimate demise as he finds out that the woman he is cheating with is having his baby.


#4 Stevie Wonder and/or Jodeci – Lately
While no one can duplicate Stevie, Jodeci sure does a respectable rendition of this 19XX classic.  The feeling of hearing your lover whisper someone else’s name in their sleep—yeah, that’s a tough pill to swallow.


#3 Shirley Murdock – As We Lay
While most “cheating” Slow Jams are talking about the before (sex) and after (getting caught) Shirley Murdock sings about the in-between: waking up in the morning…after the sex, before getting caught.


#2 Atlantic Starr – Secret Lovers
A song so big, it was featured in this T-Mobile commercial…awesome!


#1 Xscape – My Little Secret
The last official single from the group, before they disbanded, his cheater’s classic comes from the mistress’s point of view.  She knows the man she’s messing with has a woman, and doesn’t seem to mind!



Honorable mentions…


R. Kelly – Trapped In The Closet
How can you not give it up for a 33-chapter song/video/soap opera set off by a cheating wife and her one night stand who gets “trapped in the closet” upon a husband’s return home?


Kumbia Kings – You Don’t Love Me
This highly underrated cheater’s track is a favorite on Sunday Night Slow Jams, describing the hurt from the guy’s point of view, when he finds out the girl he loves really doesn’t love him.


Keyshia Cole – I Should’ve Cheated
How many times have you had the opportunity to cheat, but didn’t—only because you really loved and believed the person you were with…only to later find out they were playing you!  Should you have cheated all along?  Keyshia Cole says yes!  DOWNLOAD ON iTUNES


Whitney Houston – Saving All My Love For You
Our beloved Whitney really knows how to stir up emotions to an all too common scenario—being madly in love with someone who has someone else; as she sings about stolen moments and heartbreaking realities.


Shirley Brown – Woman to Woman
And finally, what happens when the wife confronts the mistress with a phone call?  Find out here:

Happy Birthday to Selena

Remembering Selena Quintanilla

I was only 19 years old when I discovered Selena.  The first “gringo” hired on-air at Tejano radio station Hot 98FM “La Caliente” in Tucson, Arizona–I quickly learned to appreciate the music, and soon fell in the love with the woman, Selena Quintanilla.

Seemed just when I mastered learning the lyrics from “El Chico del Apartamento 512,” she was taken from us.

I could write more about what Selena meant to me…and to us…but I’d rather let the music speak.

Press play below to enjoy a playlist of my most cherished Selena titles.

A Saturday afternoon with J-Lo

Surreal.  That’s the only word to describe actually physically “being” in Jennifer Lopez’s very own backyard, last Saturday, April 12th.  I’ve had the pleasure of hanging with J-Lo before–but always somewhere crowded: her restaurant, a club, the radio station.  Always lots of fans and paparazzi.  But this time, just me and her, her wonderful family, and a few close friends.  It was an experience I will never forget.

I arrived at her sprawling Hidden Hills property, just north of Los Angeles to be greeted by a security guard who walked me through the house to the backyard, where a staff member dressed in all white offered me a glass of the best pink lemonade I have ever tasted in my life.  I mean, it was really, really good lemonade.  Maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me–I mean, after all,  I was standing in Jennifer’s backyard–I’m sure Brussels sprouts would’ve tasted like ice cream in that situation.

There was a gi-normous tree house to my right–the kind you see on Treehouse Masters.  J-Lo’s two doggies, greeted me with licks and kisses in front of her pool while my jaw hung, mesmerized at the stunning view of the valley.

Was I in a dream?  Was I really at J-Lo’s house???  Or was this just some cruel prank.  Was I being Punkd?

And then Jennifer walked out.  The world seemed to stop.  All I could hear were birds chirping as I watched her approach me.  I tried to compose myself.  As she said hello and welcomed me to her home, my brain was fighting the battle between not being able to speak at all, and saying something completely stupid.  It settled on “Thanks so much for having me over.”

Jennifer’s down to earth demeanor, friendly conversation and warm smile soon calmed my nerves, and before you know it, lunch was being served: a bountiful buffet of BBQ delights from ribs and sliders, fries, hot dogs and berry salad.  Waiters came by with endless trays of summer beverages as we sat under the veranda enjoying good weather and great company.

Soon a few other friends showed up, including super producer Benny Medina, Greg Thompson and the heads of Capitol Records, and a handful of the top radio program directors in the country.

One phrase that will always stay with me was her adorable son introducing the two dogs to me.  “That’s Roxy, and that’s Bear.  And together, they’re unstoppable!”  Adorable.

After lunch the fun began.  J-Lo was actually going to play tracks from her forthcoming album for us.  The record label hadn’t even heard these songs yet!!!  I grabbed another long island iced-tea and settled into my wicker chair on the grass–I couldn’t wait to hear the goods.

R Dub and J-LoThe next 15 minutes was mind-blowing.  To have J-Lo right there in front of me, excitedly talking about each song, how it came about, and what it meant to her–and then being able to hear it, before anyone else…it was amazing!  I could tell how proud she was of every piece of music.  Each song meant so much to her.  And as excited as she was about each of her new tracks–there was also an air of humility about her.  She really showed us that she was just someone who loved and lived for music.  Genuine.

The music was fantastic.  From “My First Love,” to the catchy “Big Booty” (she actually danced a little while that one was playing…wow!)…all the tracks were heat.  Superstars liked Chris Brown and Sia contributed to the album.  Many more names that I forgot.  I took terrible notes.  I was too busy soaking up the music.  This is gonna be a good one.

But it was the last track she played for us that actually had me trippin’.  I can’t remember the last time that a song made the hair on the back of neck stand up.  This one did.  “Emotions,” not only had stellar production but it was J-Lo’s vocals combined with an absolutely incredible set of lyrics that had me mesmerized for the entire three and a half minutes.  “Emotions” is a song that will have you in a trance.  How can I even describe it?  I’ll tell you this–it is a song that will have you thinking about your deepest love…and then take you even deeper.

I cannot wait to get my hands on the album on June 17th.  And you better believe you will hear “Emotions” on Sunday Night Slow Jams first.

I’d like to give a sincere, heartfelt thanks to Jennifer and her family for inviting me into their home.  In my 20+ years of radio, this one takes the cake.

The Dramatics Great Slow Jams – stream for free!

Dramatics Greatest Slow Jams stream


*** stream the entire album, free, by clicking here ***


“Tomorrow” by Dramatics vocalist L.J. Reynolds available for the first time on CD

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Producer Kevin “Slow Jammin’” James has brought together a collection of the ultimate slow jams from American soul group The Dramatics, whose members included Ron Banks, L.J. Reynolds, Lenny Mayes, Willie Ford and Winzell Kelly. Titled The Dramatics – Greatest Slow Jams, and set for release on Stax Records on April 29, 2014, this compilation stems predominantly from the band’s breakout hits of the early ’70s, a time when the band was recording with Stax-Volt as well as ABC Records. “Tomorrow,” a track originally released on Fantasy in 1985 by Dramatics vocalist L.J. Reynolds, has never before been made available on CD.

This album includes such chart-toppers as “Toast to the Fool” and their popular number one R&B hit “In the Rain.” According to James “My love life would have been dramatically reduced without The Dramatics music in my life.”

The Dramatics began as the vocal sextet The Dynamics in 1962 and signed to Stax-Volt Records in 1968, where they found great commercial and critical success. In 1971, they released “Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get,” which broke them into the top 10 of the Billboard charts with the title track and awarded them with their first gold album, selling over one million units. The following year, they released “In the Rain,” which went to number one on the R&B charts for four consecutive weeks and number five on the pop charts.

The “Slow Jams” brand began as a late night radio show in 1985 hosted by Kevin “Slow Jammin’” James.  It soon developed into a successful program and eventually a series of CD compilations that blended old and new R&B love songs.

Album Track Listing:

Just Shopping (Not Buying Anything)      (5:07)

In the Rain                                           (5:12)

Toast to the Fool                                  (5:32)

I Can’t Get Over You                             (4:09)

I Was the Life of the Party                     (4:42)

I Dedicate My Life to You                      (3:30)

Thank You for Your Love                       (4:25)

And I Panicked                                    (3:37)

Fall in Love, Lady Love                         (3:38)

I Made Myself Lonely                           (3:49)

Tomorrow                                            (3:57)

Hey You, Get Off My Mountain             (3:31)

Tour dates to be announced.

*** stream the entire album, free, by clicking here ***

For more information on Concord Music Group catalog releases, please contact us here.

Slow Jams LIVE! with Trey Songz

Trey Songz Slow Jams LIVE

Slow Jams LIVE! starring Trey Songz and special guest Sevyn Streeter!

Friday, May 23rd at Legends Theatre at Route 66 Casino – Albuquerque, NM

Tickets on sale this Friday, April 11th.


R Dub <3 SLC!

R Dub Salt Lake City

R Dub SLC U92I could write a novel about why I love Salt Lake City, but I won’t.

I will tell you that Sunday Night Slow Jams has been on in the air in SLC for 10 years.

I will tell you that I love, adore and support the good people of SLC.

I will tell you that I have been to SLC more times than any other Sunday Night Slow Jams city.

I will tell you that I appreciate the good folks at U92 and I thank them for having me on their airwaves for ten years.



R Dub loves SLCIf you’d like to voice your opinion to U92, you may:

1)  sign the online petition HERE.  Share with friends on facebook.

2)  email the Program Directors: &

3)  send your suggestions on their facebook page:

4)  tweet your feedback to:  @U92SLC

5)  call and ask for the Program Director:

6)  send your feedback on their website here:

7)  Drop by in-person: 515 South 700 East, Suite 1-C, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84102

8)  PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!  Facebook, twitter, email, etc.

Oh, and I will say thank you.  Thank you so much for listening and supporting a little show I do called Sunday Night Slow Jams.

I hope we’ll be back on in SLC one day soon.  Until then, you can listen to us on any of these radio stations.


Yours Truly, R Dub!


#dontbeadumbass: R Dub shows you the proper way to use a hashtag.

hashtag idiots
20% of my friends don’t know what hashtags even are.  The other 80% use them incorrectly.  Horribly, horribly incorrectly.


So what is a hashtag?
A “hashtag” is simply a “#’ put directly in front of a word, or words, on social media platforms.  Hashtags function on twitter, instagram, and as of recently–facebook.

What are hashtags used for?
Hashtags are used to categorize or file subjects on social media, so others–searching for those same subjects–can find your posts or photos that pertain to said subject.  For example, you may take a picture of a taco and use the hashtag #taco.  Now, others, who want to search for pictures or posts about tacos, will see your picture by searching for #taco.  You may want to search for something too!  If you’re looking for pictures or posts about burritos, you’d search for #burrito or #burritos, and see every post and pic that others have used the #burrito or #burrito hashtag in.

So how would one use a hashtag?
Like this:

Right way to use a hashtag

See what Lauren did here?  She used hashtags that made sense–hashtagging words and subjects that people will search for.  People will look for “tacos,” “Mexican food,” “lunch,” etc.  Maybe people want to see what’s going on in #bakersfield, or want to see pictures of #bestfriends, or pics from #josebertos restaurant.  All of Lauren’s hashtags were tied to both her post and photo, and were subjects, words and categories that people will actually “search” for.  Good job Lauren!

So then, what are some examples of hashtags used incorrectly?
This is:
Using hashtags incorrectly
Let’s talk about why this twitter post is so wrong…

1)  Remember, use hashtags to categorize subjectsSearchable subjects, that someone might actually have interest searching for.  No one, and I mean NO ONE, is sitting around looking for posts about “mmmmm” or “hungry,” or “nomnomnom.”  Those just aren’t searchable subjects, no one cares, and you just look dumb putting hashtags in front of those words.  Same with #fail.  You are #failingatlife when you use a hashtag there.  They serve zero purpose except to spotlight your ignorance.

2)  #thuglife.  Ugh.  No, you’re not a thug.  And FYI there is nothing cool about being a thug.  Thugs steal, rape and kill.  And you wanna glamorize that?  Go call your dad.

3)  Don’t use hashtags for sentences. #needmoresalsa, #sohappyrightnow, #whoiswatchingymy5kids.  That sh*t is ridiculous.  I know you need more salsa, that you are happy right now–so happy, and I realize that yes, you are a horrible mom who doesn’t have a clue where your children are.  However, hashtags simply aren’t needed here, and serve no function, except to make you look like the idiot you are.

4)  “But wait, R Dub, some of my hashtags are hilarious! I am so funny!”  Maybe you think you’re funny–but those same silly sentences that you think are entertaining are just fine without the hashtag.  You are using a hashtag that serves absolutely no purpose at all.  Remember what hashtags are used for: to categorize and file searchable subjects.  So try this: go ahead and try telling your cutsie little joke or phrase without the hashtag, and see what happens.  Look!  Your clever anecdote is still there, just without a useless symbol in front of it.  I assure you it will work out for you.  Same message, no #.  You will be okay.  The world will be okay.

Thanks R Dub, this helps a lot!  Are there any other examples of using hashtags incorrectly?
Why yes there are.  I’m so glad you asked.  Behold:

Wrong uses of hashtags

Hashtag “we”?  Hashtag “I”?  Hashtag “am”?  Hashtag “Good”?  Hashtag “Morning”?  Are you serious right now???

If you use hashtags like the example above, not only should you not be using twitter or any other social media–but I am questioning who allowed you access to a computer or the internet in the first place???  You have no right to be using these tools.  Seriously!

This is just the most horrible example of a person who has absolutely no idea of what they are doing and is just using the “#” symbol because they see others doing it, but have absolutely no idea why.  If you know someone like this, please do the right thing for humanity and take away their access to the internet and anything electronic, immediately.  It’s the right thing to do, to help them from hurting themselves or others.  It also pains me to realize that these same people are allowed to vote.

Great, thanks R Dub, for helping me.  Now, what can I do to help others?
If you have been using hashtags incorrectly, you’ve made the first step to recovery in reading this help guide.  Please read it over again, slowly, and carefully.  And if there is something that is unclear, contact me and I will be glad to help.  By following the common sense explanations above, you can help yourself not look like a #dummy.

Share this with others.  This lesson may have helped you–but there are millions of others like you…who need help and don’t even know it.  Share this page with them.  Let’s help these folks, one hashtag abuser at a time.  Together, we can make a difference.

You’re welcome.

Yours Truly, R Dub!


P.S.  Show me your hashtag skills on twitter at @slowjams